Friday, 16 January 2015

LUSH - Blackberry Bath Bomb

Lush Says
'As soon as you drop this into your bath, tension is banished as the bergamot and frankincense oils are released. Bergamot is used in aromatherapy for anxiety, depression and nervous tension, and is both relaxing and uplifting as well as antibacterial. You’ll soon feel calmed as frankincense oil helps slow down breathing and induces a feeling of wellbeing.'

This is one of those bath bombs that I simply picked up for the price to fill my basket a bit more but like all bath bombs I don't read what it does,what it has in it etc. 
I give it a sniff and if my nose approves in the basket it goes, popping it in my bath instantly turned into a lovely shade of purple with random little bits that looked like little drops of ink BUT there was also this strange blotches of a kind of film floating around the bath too, I can't even think of a way to describe so I've provided a picture below.
 Once I'd jumped in the tub they did eventually disappear but when I lifted my leg I had random streaks of purple across my body, luckily with a bit of body wash it came off but cut my bath short as I just wanted to get out. The strange kind of film had also started sticking to the side of my bath which only meant one thing the longer I was in the harder it would have been to remove from the sides of the bath.

To make up for all the staining this bath bomb did kind of make up for it with a little surprise!

Despite all its cons after reading the uses of some of the ingredients used for Anxiety I think I will repurchase and put it aside for a day that I'm struggling with my anxiety a bit more than on a usual day. 
Just to see if it helps in anyway.