Monday, 5 January 2015

LUSH - Luxury Lush Pud

 Lush Says...
'This year, our Lil' Lush Pud has had a luxurious makeover... with a soothing lavender fragrance and calming pastel colours, this bath bomb is perfect for bed time, or any time you want to relax. This bath bomb shares a fragrance with our Twilight bath bomb. With lavender oil, ylang ylang and tonka absolute, you'll be soothed and calmed as little islands of colour float out into your bath water.'

 I know I'm pretty late with this one as christmas has been and gone now but I'm only just making my way through my christmas bath bombs, Each time I had a bath through out the christmas period I just wanted to get in already rather than taking photos before hand so never used them and saved them for when I had my camera to hand (bad blogger).
I had luxury lush pud last year when the bottom was purple and loved it so it goes without saying it was a must have this year too, This year was no different to last year the burst of colourful enough to get anyone excited to jump in. I was even accused by Issy of making my baths more fun then theirs naughty mummy so the luxury lush pud is without a doubt on the girls list for next year too.
As promised it leaves you perfectly relaxed ready for bed or whenever you really want to relax,
Better yet a bath full of so many colours and you don't need to spend the next 1O minutes scrubbing the bath to get the colour off when you get out PERFECT!


  1. One of my favourite bombs :) And I love that you don't have to scrub forever afterwards like with some bombs!

    Charli | Charlotte Rose

  2. It's def one of my top faves :) Makes a soak in the bath a whole lot more enjoyable doesn't it! x

  3. in love i love the smell of lush shop n the bath bombs, its a shame they dont last forever i always feel sad when i use it because i wish it would last forever as they look pretty and smell good

    1. I used to find the shops very over powering, sometimes I can only be in one for so long but I am guilty of having my bath bombs sit on the cake stand I store them on longer than usual so I can enjoy the smell a bit longer x