Saturday, 10 January 2015

My baby is going to be 7!

It doesn't seem possible that on Monday my eldest baby is going to be 7, Although with her teenager like attitude it's also hard to believe she is only 6 and not much older. 
Talking in the nail shop the other day I was telling them about her strops and a lady beside me asked how old she was and was shocked when I replied 7 she thought I was talking about a teenager! 
We hear the whole no body loves me in this house, I'm going to move out and my favourite one I'm not going to breathe anymore threat when she isn't getting her way, Ah kids!  
I've also been told that when she starts year 3 in September I don't need to walk her right up to her school doors anymore she can go in alone while I take her sister round to her door.
Where has my baby gone? I don't think I'm ready for her to be so grown up yet :(
Every year I feel the pressure of making sure each of my girls have a birthday party to remember, This year will be the first year that Issy hasn't had a party that all of her school friends get an invite to.
This year she will be having a little pamper sleep over with her cousins including lots of munchies, films and a pizza but what she doesn't know is that Elsa will be paying her a visit and delivering a gift for her and each of her friends in the afternoon.
We'll also be going shopping at some point with any birthday money she gets because just like her mum she loves a visit to LUSH, I was planning on her having a party there but she kept changing her mind with what she wanted to do for her birthday and with her birthday drawing closer gathering the money together for each of her many ideas became harder to do.


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