Thursday, 19 February 2015

Our Bedroom's Having A Makeover

Bedroom Redecoration Plans

For ages now my bedroom has just not been what I wanted it to be, My furniture doesn't match and it's just blurgh.. I shut the door so no one see's it because it currently looks like the room that's been unpacked and temporarily set up because you've just moved in and needed somewhere to sleep but we've been here coming up to 4 years
So it's time I turned it into my perfect little safe place that I'm proud of so what better way to inspire me to get my bum in gear and get it started? Than to put a mood board together of little finishing touches based around the new wallpaper/paint plans. 
I've been showing and talking to Andy for months now about what I want the room to be like and just had the typical man 'yeah' reply to everything I've said, He caught a glimpse of what I put together and was very pleasantly surprised and seems very excited for it to come together so with that being said I ordered the wallpaper while his excited in hope when it arrives the transformation can begin.
I've become metal shade obsessed I want copper and brass accessories everywhere! 
As I share a room with a man the new style seems fitting for us both it's not to manly but not to girly either it's a nice happy medium and the grey means I can chuck any colour in there and it won't clash to much, something that can't be said for my current green room.


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