Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Garnier - Micellar cleansing water

I know, I know this post has been done sooo many times that it's very likely you won't even read any further than the title.
BUT I'm going to write it up and post it anyway
After seeing this everywhere on bloglovin,twitter and instagram I just had to get myself some
while it was on offer in superdrug for £3.32, I'm surprised I didn't do what Andy expected me to do and pick up a few bottles when I picked up this one but on the many reviews I've read each one has mentioned how long the one bottle has lasted them so it seemed silly to have a stash of something that will last me ages. No doubt it will be back on offer when I'm nearing the bottom of my bottle,
I'm guilty of being a face wipe girl it's rare that I have time before the school run to be doing a full blown skin care routine (something I aim to change)
I hate getting my hands wet and touching things especially skin *shudders* so standing over a sink with a face wash that involves wetting my hands fills me with dread so this is perfect for me.

When I started using my bottle I had very bad skin, although its still bad I can see quite a difference since using this every day which isn't even something it promises to do. BONUS!

I don't know if it's just me but after using it my face ends up smelling like a damp room/towel?
Andy couldn't smell it when I demanded he sniffed my face but I know I'm not going crazy! at least I don't think I am....


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