Friday, 6 February 2015

Hot Vanilla Fudge Facemask

While in the que in Primark I saw a small selection of face masks for 9Op hanging on those little hooky things placed right by the tills to draw you in even more with that last minute buy because if you don't hurry up and decide it'll be your turn to be served and you'll miss it so you grab it quickly before your called over.
I usually go for clay masks so thought I'd switch things up a bit and go for a heating one this time, Last night I decided to make proper use of my 'me time' Instead of doing my best couch potato impression I painted my tootsies,ran a bubble bath,washed my hair and put on my face mask.
I've got to admit when applying it really did take everything I had not to give it a taste, I love Vanilla fudge and this smelt so gorgeous it was as if I just melted Thorntons vanilla fudge delicious. I was good and managed to resist the urge and just stick to applying it to my face! Usually I can cover my whole face with a fair amount and still have a good quarter of a pack left over which drives me mad as I hate wasting it but with this one I managed to use it all without it feeling like to much on my face.
The heating face masks usually scare me because how can you tell if that sort of heat is right and your not having a reaction to it?
But once applied and it started to heat up it felt very relaxing, I was pretty gutted that it cooled down as quickly as it did and by the time I'd climbed into my bath it didn't feel all that heated anymore.
I know a mumma of two and I managed some proper me time impressive huh? I was soon brought crashing back down to reality of not being in my very own little spa when I remembered I didn't get the washing out of the washing machine and had to rescue it before it would have to go through another wash. 
I can't wait to get back over to Primark and grab some more and will be hunting this one down in my local asda.

Are you a sucker for a facemask? Whats your favourite?


  1. This is my favourite Montagne Jeunesse that I've tried so far! I love the warming sensation. xxx

    1. It's def become one of my top faves, Can't wait to get my hands on more x

  2. I haven't done a face mask in ages. May have to go purchase some this week. :-)

    1. There really is nothing better than a hot bath and a face mask, let me know what face mask you go for if you do :) x