Wednesday, 11 March 2015

4O Facts about me

1- I have 4 older brothers 
2- I became a mum when I was 16 
3- I can't grow my nails long naturally it makes me feel sick
4- I never had plans of having children or getting married 
5- I wear varifocals
6- I have a gold tooth and kind of regret going for a gold one
7- If I kept all of my piercings in I'd have well into the 3O's
8- A lot of my tattoos I got because I wanted them not many of them have a meaning
9- I drink a litre of cherry coke a day something I really want to stop
1O- I've had my hair every colour of the rainbow all at one time
11- I've never left the country
12- There's a 1O year age gap between me and the youngest brother of the 4 
13- I actually have a brother called JR, Our surname is Ewing
14- I moved out when I was 16
15- I'd love to be a contortionist
16- I can get really irritable very quickly 
17- I'm a hoarder, I find a meaning behind anything
18- I fancy the pants off Helena Bonham Carter
19- My middle name is Robina
2O- It weirds me out when people call me Linda
21- Some people know me as Sally
22- I spend way to much of my time on social media and it needs to stop
23- I was a spoilt b*tch growing up
24- My cousin and brother run me over with a motorbike when I was around 4 years old
25- I'm very ditsy 
26- Having wet hands really bothers me 
27- I really want my tongue split
28- My favourtie colour is green 
29- I have no GCSE's
3O- I'm certified in above the waist body piercing
31- I have my head and face tattooed
32- I'm a hermit
33- I over use emojis without them I feel like I might offend someone, Then I look back and realize how ridiculous I look
34- I'm an aunty to 1O soon to be 11 and a great aunty to 6
35-  I spend my weekends in my PJ's unless I plan to go out
36- I walked on my broken leg for a week and did handstands on my broken wrist without knowing they were broken
37- I still have the cast from my broken leg and wrist (Yep as I said serious hoarder)
38-I hated mushrooms and fried egg until I was pregnant with Daisie now a fry up isn't a fry up without them.
39-I'm agoraphobic
4O-Moths terrify me they seem dusty and beady eyed ahhhh....
(imagine that in one of Chandler Bing style)


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