Wednesday, 4 March 2015

H&M Make-up brush cleansing spray

With my last H&M online order I spotted their make-up brush cleansing spray for £2.99, now that I have a decent set of brushes I thought it was time they had the TLC they deserve.
I did plan on buying some baby shampoo as I've seen people recommend it all over the place but I just loved the simplicity of the packaging of this cleansing spray, it will also fit in perfectly with my new bedroom decor plans.
I know it's probably self explanatory but I'm pretty gutted it doesn't have any kind of instructions on how to use it, I always like the reassurance of guidelines so I can be sure I'm using something correctly.
OMG the smell!
It just screams soft and gentle I can't even describe what it smells like it smells so nice BUT I have noticed at first it smells like pure alcohol the kind on the alcohol wipes I use before piercing someone which I can't say I'm keen on using on my face but once they had dried the lovely fresh smell returned. I couldn't help but keep sniffing my brushes.
To clean my brushes I sprayed a little onto the tips and then rubbed them against some kitchen roll (which I think I'll upgrade to a flannel just for my make-up brushes) they fairly quickly returned to their brand new looking state with the end bristles going back to white and they still felt as soft as ever.

Is it sad to be excited to wash your make-up brushes again?


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