Friday, 13 March 2015

HAUL | MEGA Mumma Haul

You may remember one of new years resolutions was to treat myself more, I may have failed that mission on the day I set out to start it but over the past few weeks I  managed to gather up quite a collection of bits on my travels, most of it may be sale items but even before the sale section for me got totally over looked. 
With most of my clothes no longer fitting me and donating/selling over half of my wardrobe it was only right I refilled it with the stuff I'd be lusting over for so long right?
So I did just that and god it feels good to look at them in my wardrobe rather than on the website.

Tartan trousers £8 down from £17.99
Bobble hat £2 down from
Belt £1 down from £3.99
Monochrome Tile print leggings £8 down from £17.99

Gold watch £5
Necklace £2
Face mask 9Op
Hnadbag £1O

Necklace £3 down from £6.99
Face mask 99p each
Necklace £3 down from £5.99
Over sized polo neck jumper £5 down from £24.99
Grey jumper £5 down from
Grey marl cardigan £7.99
Make-up brush cleaner £2.99

Longline blazer £8 down from £18
White lace shouldered blouse £8 down from £14
Oversized floral blouse £8 down from £14
Floral top £2.5O
 White shirt £2
Black jeans £3


  1. Love the tartan trousers and monochrome leggings! Ah, so glad you picked up the vanilla fudge mask - do let me know how you get on! And oh my, I didn't know they did candyfloss and mint choc ones! I feel a little haul coming on myself now... xxx - a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog

    1. I'm so glad I purchased them I kept going on the website and adding them to my basket and then leaving again, My youngest finds the tartan trousers hilarious and has a giggle fit when I wear them lol, I LOVE the vanilla fudge mask this one was actually my second one it's become a rule to grab one every time I'm in primark now, it smells gorgeous x

    2. Glad you enjoyed the face mask, it's my favourite! I'll have to have a look for the other ones in stores as they don't have them on the MJ website. xxx - a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog