Thursday, 19 March 2015

Coffe shop observations

Sitting waiting for a friend, I found myself people watching in the not so secluded corner of the coffee shop, with 3O minutes still to wait I thought I'd download the blogger app and write up this post...

I observed how the ladies that lunch aside of me refused to share their table with the elderly man looking for a seat, so much so the 2nd lady waiting in the que felt the need to leave the que to let the sweet little man know she was going to be sitting there (please note this was a table for 4) so with that I ushered him into the seat on my table the table of 4 I grabbed quickly as it was the only one available. I looked around to the twins being gently soothed, the ladies nattering away while they sipped their hot chocolates, the clattering of the cups, the harsh sound of built up steam finally letting go.
A smaller table became free so I made a run for it hoping that the sweet man I shared my table with hasn't taken offence to my swift exit, with many conversations surrounding me I'm gutted that the loudest was by 2 guys one asking the other if its bad that all he can think about is fingering that bird GROSS.. the kind of conversation you expect from a teen but no it left the mouth of a middle aged work man who could easily have a daughter not much younger than myself!
I sit here glad that my stomach feels as hollow and empty as it does or I may have thrown up in my mouth a little.
I've been sat here for over 30 minutes and I'm still torn between a hot chocolate I don't actually like as its chilly outside or a cooler that I love but will leave me with really cold hands.

If you didn't guess by the picture of a hot chocolate accompanying this post I went for the hot chocolate and today's one confirmed it I really don't like hot chocolate.


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