Friday, 6 March 2015

Poundlands Hidden Treasures

If your a regular reader of my blog you'll know its no secret that I'm a pound shop mega fan!
Since having one open up local to me it's become a daily routine to just 'pop' in and see whats new with no intentions of buying anything just like today when I ended up leaving with £16 worth of stuff.
There's just so many hidden gems in there if I ever have anything on my wish list I make sure to check out the poundland shelves first.
I've wanted a heart shaped bowl for what seems forever I often go into wilkos look at them, pick them up then put them back and leave so when I saw them in poundland it was only right that I picked myself up two and more than likely return to get some more in the week.
I've become obsessed with glass jars lately and saw the one pictured but didn't pick it up stupidly as I couldn't think of what the hell I would use it for then as soon as my feet stepped on my living room floor I thought of the perfect use and HAD to go and get one but there was none left until a few visits later I saw a stranded one right by the tills so of course it came home with me and now sits proudly holding all my cotton pads, plastic make-up storage is everywhere another thing I've been dying to get my mits on so once again as soon as I saw it I literally slam dunked it into my basket I also have a flower kind of shaped lipstick/lip pencil holder that I bought ages ago but can I find it anywhere to include in this post? Of course not...
Candles... whenever I find scented candles I turn into a candle pervert sniffing every different scent available the jarred love heart candle was no exception it smells exactly like the pink refresher chew bar delicious.
I don't think I really need to go into why I grabbed the Rimmel lip crayon do I?
who can say no to one of those for £1?

I saw these when I planned to write this post but thought buying them for blog purposes when I really would have no use at all for them would be pointless BUT now I have an excuse baby niece/nephew number 11 is on the way!


  1. We have a Pound Shop opening in the shopping centre where I work and I am literally the most excited. Can't wait till it opens in April! Yes.. I need to get out more!

    Charli | Charlotte Rose

    1. You just can't beat a pound shop, It's always dangerous for me to enter one! x