Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Mummy & Me #2

With the girls now back at school it's getting even harder to get any pictures of/with Issy by the time she's rolled out of school shes nagging me about what she can eat, telling me all about her day or off doing her own thing with her little sis, Daisie had time for some selfies a little while ago before nursery (she attends the afternoon session) after raiding my make-up bag while I done my own which is a very rare thing so we just had to capture the moment.

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

Monday, 27 April 2015

Footwear Bargains - STUDIO Catalogue

(Sandals £9.99)

I planned to only ever use my catalogues for bigger stuff or emergency christmas presents 
but every now and then a new season catalogue lands on my door mat and there's bargains I just can't let pass me by because I know for sure I won't ever get it at that price anywhere else.
Like 2 presents I've put away for Daisies birthday a wooden toy mixer £2.99 and an aerial bath castle £5.99! I know BARGAIN
So when I spotted some shoes in my most recent catalogue I just had to grab them because I know there was no way I'd ever get them at that price again.
I did plan to have a photo of each of the bargain shoes I'd purchased but it seems my girls are just like me and can't wait to get their tootsies in a new pair of shoes and my girls are toe scuffers so the ones I got other than Daisie's flower sandals pictured below now support green and brown toe scuffs from playing out in them, So I've put together a collage of just some of the bargains you can get instead.

Saturday, 25 April 2015


I'm sure everyone knows by now that E.L.F has/is closing down in the UK, I've heard they are possibly re branding and coming back but I don't know how true that is! 
I couldn't let them go without making an order I'd been wanting to make an order for what seems forever and the sale prices made it that much easier to finally be able to make an order (not that they were that expensive before sale prices) I'm gutted I didn't place it sooner as there was a lot more I'd have liked to get my hands but the sale prices were way to good for them to hang around to long.

What I got
Jumbo lip gloss stick in Coco Loco 89p
Jumbo lip gloss stick in Flirty and Girly 89p
Jumbo lip gloss stick in Tiki Torches 59p
Nail polish in copper 75p
Nail polish in Liquid Metal 75p
Nail polish in Bubblegum pink 75p
Nail polish in Desert Haze £1

I kept finding myself back on the website to see what else I could get my hands on but there was wasn't much left that took my fancy enough to make the postage price worth while. I could have bought more nail polishes but I really do have a crazy amount of nail polishes for someone that only has her toe nails paintable as I'm a acrylic nail fan.

Did you manage to get anything in the E.L.F sale? Are you gutted to see them go?

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Think Bike!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it much on my blog before but I'm a 'bikers wife' a biker who today has stepped it up a few gears and has passed his bike test and got himself a full bike licence, meaning a bigger engine and bike size to what he usually rides. He's well known for his monkey bikes hence his monkey boi nickname.
I can't follow in a car with him on his bike as it makes me feel physically sick to watch just in case something awful was to happen, He pops out somewhere and if I don't hear from him when he should have reached his destination every worst case scenario has gone through my mind and I'm watching for that call. It must be like living with his mum all over again as the rules get laid no being silly, no showing off, no wheelies and whatever is possible to do on a bike. 

You hope that being a biker for years means your that little bit safer if not safe as safe can be and sadly it doesn't very recently a friend of Andy's was killed on his motorbike, A car done a right turn in a no right turn road which cost Andy's friend his life! A man that has been a biker for many many years, always wore his leathers and very well known within the bike community. This mans life has been taken to save someone a few minutes on their journey now I know this person has no doubt done that no right turn when he/she wasn't supposed to many times, thought nothing of doing it again to cut some time from their journey and didn't intend to take anyone's life but by doing just that when the signs are very clear it cost a man his life. Now I know I'm a bikers wife but I'm not about to point blame at all car drivers as I know their are many bikers that drive like total d*cks and simply drive like idiots showing off not only putting themselves at risk but others to but Al wasn't one of those guys and has been taken away far to soon! 
It seems all I've read lately is motorbike accidents and it's setting in even more anxiety knowing Andy has now gone to a 4OO from a 14O engine and a considerably bigger bike, I know his a big boy and his been a rider for years now but as I said above it doesn't make him safe from other peoples actions on the road.
I never had the pleasure of meeting Al but I've heard many great things about him, I can't even begin to imagine the pain his lady feels I see the hurt behind Andy's eyes when he heard the news and the news of his funeral possibly being held on his best friends birthday another friend of Andy's who is no longer with us.

Ride High AL

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Glossybox | The Iconic Edit

This months box was the Iconic Hollywood edit edition, I've got to be honest when I saw the sneak peek I was really excited but I expected so much more than this for what for me seems like such a big edition, How gorgeous is the box? I'm not a huge Marilyn Monroe fan like a few people I know or hollywood for that matter but the colours this months box came in were just gorgeous.

So what was in the box

Lord & Berry Lipstick pencil in kiss £1O 
The perfect Marilyn red. This modern take on a classic pillar box hue is ideal for srping. Unlike usual lipstick, it's in pencil form - making application easier than ever! Long-lasting and softening, the beautiful matte finish can also be glossed up with a slick of lip balm.
Shop at www.selfridges.com
I saw this as sneak peek on last months box and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it, I'm becoming a little snowed under in red lipsticks atm it's not a colour I wear that often but it is one of Andys favourite lipstick colours on me so it's a win for him.

Astral Original Face and Body moisturiser £3.89 for 200ml 
This versatile, rich moisturising cream has been a firm favourite amongst Hollywood stars and make-up artists alike since its creation in the 1950's and we're not surprised. Perfect for all ages, Astral hydrates deep below the skin's surface and can even be used to remove make-up!
Shop at www.boots .com
I'm unsure if I'll be using this but that's nothing to do with the item its self tho! its the fact I have acrylic nails so dipping my fingers in a cream and getting cream all down my nails isn't for me, I'm a squeezy tube packaging fan.

POP Beauty Kajal eyeliner pen £6.50
Elizabeth Taylor's iconic cat eye has never been easier to recreate, thanks to this sooty black kohl pencil from pop beauty, create a flicked wing with one swipe and what's more, it's super easy to blend for a smokier effect.
Shop at www.popbeauty.co.uk
On opening I wasn't totally excited over this but then I found an avon one I had years ago and loved in a forgotten about make-up box and now I'm eager to be able to use it, It's so much easier than carrying a pencil and a shadow separately, We all know the pain of opening up your make-up and finding a powder/eyeshadow has shattered into tiny little pieces that we won't dare open because the mess it would cause.

Colour Club Barely there nail polish £4.10
Nude nails are a key trend for this spring, which also has roots in the Hollywood era. This is one of our favourite shades for the coming season and compliments any skin tone or a glossy and sophisticated finish.
Shop at www.colorclub.com
I've got to admit I was a little disappointed to get another nail polish but how gorgeous is that nude colour! I'm going nude,grey and mushroom grey crazy when it comes to nails to the point I've been considering ditching my beloveded acrylics for a bit just to be able to switch up colours as often as possible.

Nougat London Soothing bath pearls £6
An indulgent pre-event or part treat, these pearls lace the bath with a delicate fragrance and have a very subtle shimmer which stays on skin, creating a limb-lengthening sheen.
Shop at www.nougatlondon.co.uk
I don't know anyone that would be disappointed to receive bath pearls, I'm a sucker for anything fancy to put in my bath. 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

B.Pure Micellar Water

I've not even finished my Garnier micellar water but when I saw B.Pure's micellar water at the counter of superdrug on offer for £2.48 from £4.99 I just had to snap it up.
I finally gave it ago as my garnier one was downstairs (proper lazy mare me)
 Unlike garniers micellar water B.pure's has cucumber juice extract but to me still doesn't smell any nicer than the garnier one this one smells and feels like bubble mixture to me.
I've got it on my lip a few times and unlike the garnier it tastes chemically like a bubble mixture too, Both seem to leave my face feeling sticky but I'm loving using them every morning and every night before bed rather than having to be in my bathroom and using all sorts of different face washes.

B.Pure with this 3-in-1 'super' water. Quick and effective yet extremely gentle.

Cleanses - Removes impuritites and makeup.
Gentle enough to use on the delicate eye area.

Tones - Restores pH balance whilst keeping the skin supple.

Refreshes - with cucumber juice extract

One very big factor that puts B.Pure ahead of Garnier is it has the leaping bunny on the back of the bottle and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans! Woop

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

That Time Already?

I can't believe it's almost that time already, in just two days I'll find out what school my little Daisie-Doo's will be going to! 
She still seems way to small to be in a uniform, away from me for a full day and out in the big playground with all the older boisterous kids :(
The summer holidays will be our very last with a little one in nursery, I'll no longer have two separate school runs to do but will have two little ladies to get ready first thing in the morning as I see one into her school door I'll be taking my little legs round to her school door and leaving her in the care of her teacher for a full day while I'm left feeling like I'm missing an arm or leg, I'll have no little friend to help me with my shopping list, to entertain for another 2-3 hours until nursery time, to pick up after once I return home and sort out the house because I'll be doing that first thing in the morning after dropping both my babies off to school.
If I want to just sit back and watch her play I'll have to do so through a thick school fence while trying not to look really suspicious or let her spot me watching her.
Writing this already has my heart rate speeding up a little with the thought of just how much will be changing come September! 
No doubt it will be a good thing but this will the first time in years that I'll ever have the option more often than not to do things alone food shops, popping out for lunch, shopping with friends, house work without it all being messed up before I reached the next room, pop in for a nail infill or eyebrow tint and wax, take an afternoon nap if I want to there's so much I could do with that time but I can guarantee for the first few days I'll sit and stare aimlessly at my empty house and possibly even shed a tear or two.
I've been a mum since I was 16 and I really don't know how to be anything else even if it is just for a day, I'm not used to not wiping a little face and fingers for anything more than 3 hours a day.

Monday, 13 April 2015

A mummas time out is 2 + GIVEAWAY!

Has it really been 2 years since I finally took the plunge and set up my own little blog after finding myself on many different blogs almost everyday?
I'm amazed I've actually stuck at it for a whole two years and plan to continue it on further, I'm known for giving something a go and stop doing it altogether and end up binning or giving away whatever it was involved in what I started doing but I've carried on blogging I'll admit I have lost my way with it all a few times and often thought of having two blogs one for 'me' and this one for us as a family because I can't seem to find a happy medium of what topics I post about and tbh I still don't have a solid idea on where I'm taking it or if it's working the way I want it to but here you lovelies are still reading and leaving such amazing supportive comments.
I still don't share it on my Facebook out of fear someone local to me reading my personal posts something I one day hope to curb my fear of, I've met some wonderful bloggers along my way some I haven't met in person but I feel privileged to be given the time of day from.

As a HUGE thank you to all my readers and to the bloggers that have made me feel welcome in the blogger world, I'm giving away a £2O gift card/voucher of your choice.
Be it H&M,Topshop,MAC,Boots,Superdrug,Debenhams the choice is totally yours!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, 12 April 2015


A little while ago I entered a raffle with the girls school and quite spookily won a family ticket to Eagle Heights, I say spookily because just that lunch time before taking Daisie into nursery she sat and admired my grandads meerkat statues and I said to her I'd take her to eagle heights to see the meerkats.
That afternoon when Andy went and got the girls he called me to let me know I'd won a family ticket to eagle heights in the raffle I'd entered.
So today with the weather being so nice we went along and used the tickets, The night before Issy had done herself a little checklist of different animals she might see to take along with her, something I think would be a great touch if the kids were given a checklist of animals at the entrance.
There were a wide range of different birds to see unfortunately a lot of the birds were behind 2 lots of wiring and my camera refused to focus or get a good enough picture for the birds to be visible so I didn't get as many pictures as I'd hoped to get.
All animals were kept far away and wasn't allowed to be touched which was sad as I'd have loved to have stroked the camel,goats,huskies and piggies but I can imagine it's that way for our safety, None of the animals seemed particularly happy which left me with a lot of mixed emotions about the day but I guess it's hard for an animal to put their thumb up and give you a reassuring smile.
A lot of reptiles were missing from when I last went and the reptile centre was considerably smaller with only 2 snakes, 2 bearded dragons and a iguana.
I've heard rumours about eagle heights shutting down because they just aren't doing as well as they used to and after going yesterday and seeing many empty spaces and a few animals missing it wouldn't totally surprise me if it was true which would be a shame because it is a lovely few hours out with a fairly priced entry fee.
There's also a lovely play park one for under 5's and one for the bigger kids situated beside the meerkats and some owls, the bigger park has 2 slides one to get into the park and another on the adventure park but the bridge to get over to the second slide in the bigger park was broken so little ones had no way over to play on some parts of it.
All that a side we had a lovely day out with my mum and it made a nice change to be out in the sun, Daisie did complain she was cold and I stupidly didn't pack any coats so we didn't stay for any displays as sunny as it was the wind was bitterly cold. No day is complete without a pit stop to the cafe even with a lunch packed me and Daisie enjoyed a yummy hot dog and Issy enjoyed a bacon sandwich (her fave)

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Mumma Wants | H&M

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Silent Sunday #4


Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter Egg Hunt '15

Each year since living in the house we do now I've always done a little Easter egg hunt, usually in the little foil wrapped miniature eggs but this year both girls are old enough to read clues and work them out.
So this year I opted for little plastic eggs that opened up (poundland) and put little clues in each one on where they'd find the next egg but its in no particular order and not every clue is the easiest to crack in hope it would take a little more than 5 minutes to complete the hunt.
This years also includes a 'BONUS Egg' which is bigger than the others and has chocolate coins hidden inside.
At the end of the hunt (no doubt I'll still end up finding one or two through out the week) The girls will be able to break into their hairbo bunny & chick.

Do you have an egg hunt planned this easter?

Thursday, 2 April 2015

A last minute Easter bag

I didn't plan on doing an Easter basket for the girls this year, I was going to take them out for an extra day out but on the way to school one morning Issy was very sweetly talking about the Easter bunny 
there she was talking about the Easter basket full of goodies they got last year so with that I asked if she'd like one this year too? 
Of course her answer was a yes with a big smile to go along with it.
With lack of time to order the Easter baskets I fell in love with to put together this year, I had to turn to an Easter bag instead which I did realize until it really was to late that I would have had time to get the baskets in if I ordered them when I discovered Issy wanted one again this year, I was sure Easter was a lot earlier than it actually is gutted!
but either way how could I let an excited little girl down?
So with that I was set on my way with a mission for fillings, Everything I looked at just didn't inspire me this year but I did manage to get a few bits so here's what the girls have in their bags!
They really don't look as fancy as the baskets did so I'm gutted I didn't grab the baskets in earlier.
They also have a bunny balloon but lighting really wasn't on my side today and I had two little ladies trying to catch a sneaky peek at their bags so was on limited time.

The girls will also be doing an Easter egg hunt around the garden on Easter Sunday.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The turquoise rug

The rug, a kind of turquoise in colour is soft and flat underfoot. Aged with the character only the constant run of children's footsteps could create. In certain areas there were grooves left from the wheels of the bike being left there for days at a time where all the shag was running in the opposite direction to the conformists in the group. It held a certain smell, a mix of the pungent whiff of dog piss, stale milk and petrol mixed with the fragrant whimsies of a multitude of Yankee candles and air freshener. 

She had wanted a new rug, spoke about it almost daily with a kind of sadness in her eyes. This piece of aged mush held memories of her babies as newborns, had softened the seat of their posteriors during countless breakfasts and dinner whilst watching the array of shows on the CBBC channel for children of their age.It represented the long nights her prince had spent taking apart motorbike after motorbike, painting and cutting wires, fixing exhausts, talking to himself in that soft mutter, one of the endearing things she adored most about him. This was not a rug, it was the holder of memories of the formation of her little family she loved so very dearly. 

, For a year now the ideas of what could replace it had repeated, arisen, been discussed. However she could never decide what would give the room as much character as this old used, worn-out piece of carpet had done. It felt foreign to her, the idea of anything else holding such a center point in both the family room and the family. Deep down she knew it had to be, she just couldn't bring herself to throw this member of the family away, despite the pong wafting through the air, invading the nostrils at every opportunity. It was like the waifs and strays she collected at school, she loved it for all its imperfections, there was no way she would have disregarded one of those little souls so how, she asked herself, could she do it now.

This piece wasn't written by me but a very talented friend.