Thursday, 2 April 2015

A last minute Easter bag

I didn't plan on doing an Easter basket for the girls this year, I was going to take them out for an extra day out but on the way to school one morning Issy was very sweetly talking about the Easter bunny 
there she was talking about the Easter basket full of goodies they got last year so with that I asked if she'd like one this year too? 
Of course her answer was a yes with a big smile to go along with it.
With lack of time to order the Easter baskets I fell in love with to put together this year, I had to turn to an Easter bag instead which I did realize until it really was to late that I would have had time to get the baskets in if I ordered them when I discovered Issy wanted one again this year, I was sure Easter was a lot earlier than it actually is gutted!
but either way how could I let an excited little girl down?
So with that I was set on my way with a mission for fillings, Everything I looked at just didn't inspire me this year but I did manage to get a few bits so here's what the girls have in their bags!
They really don't look as fancy as the baskets did so I'm gutted I didn't grab the baskets in earlier.
They also have a bunny balloon but lighting really wasn't on my side today and I had two little ladies trying to catch a sneaky peek at their bags so was on limited time.

The girls will also be doing an Easter egg hunt around the garden on Easter Sunday.


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