Monday, 13 April 2015

A mummas time out is 2 + GIVEAWAY!

Has it really been 2 years since I finally took the plunge and set up my own little blog after finding myself on many different blogs almost everyday?
I'm amazed I've actually stuck at it for a whole two years and plan to continue it on further, I'm known for giving something a go and stop doing it altogether and end up binning or giving away whatever it was involved in what I started doing but I've carried on blogging I'll admit I have lost my way with it all a few times and often thought of having two blogs one for 'me' and this one for us as a family because I can't seem to find a happy medium of what topics I post about and tbh I still don't have a solid idea on where I'm taking it or if it's working the way I want it to but here you lovelies are still reading and leaving such amazing supportive comments.
I still don't share it on my Facebook out of fear someone local to me reading my personal posts something I one day hope to curb my fear of, I've met some wonderful bloggers along my way some I haven't met in person but I feel privileged to be given the time of day from.

As a HUGE thank you to all my readers and to the bloggers that have made me feel welcome in the blogger world, I'm giving away a £2O gift card/voucher of your choice.
Be it H&M,Topshop,MAC,Boots,Superdrug,Debenhams the choice is totally yours!

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  1. Happy blogiversary, I would love to win a H&M voucher x

  2. Happy blogiversary to you! :) I'd really love to win a H&M voucher x

  3. Happy Blogaversary!!! Amazon would be fab :)

  4. happy blogaversary, i would love a new look if i win one please <3

  5. Happy Blogiversary! I would love an Amazon gift card if I won.