Sunday, 12 April 2015


A little while ago I entered a raffle with the girls school and quite spookily won a family ticket to Eagle Heights, I say spookily because just that lunch time before taking Daisie into nursery she sat and admired my grandads meerkat statues and I said to her I'd take her to eagle heights to see the meerkats.
That afternoon when Andy went and got the girls he called me to let me know I'd won a family ticket to eagle heights in the raffle I'd entered.
So today with the weather being so nice we went along and used the tickets, The night before Issy had done herself a little checklist of different animals she might see to take along with her, something I think would be a great touch if the kids were given a checklist of animals at the entrance.
There were a wide range of different birds to see unfortunately a lot of the birds were behind 2 lots of wiring and my camera refused to focus or get a good enough picture for the birds to be visible so I didn't get as many pictures as I'd hoped to get.
All animals were kept far away and wasn't allowed to be touched which was sad as I'd have loved to have stroked the camel,goats,huskies and piggies but I can imagine it's that way for our safety, None of the animals seemed particularly happy which left me with a lot of mixed emotions about the day but I guess it's hard for an animal to put their thumb up and give you a reassuring smile.
A lot of reptiles were missing from when I last went and the reptile centre was considerably smaller with only 2 snakes, 2 bearded dragons and a iguana.
I've heard rumours about eagle heights shutting down because they just aren't doing as well as they used to and after going yesterday and seeing many empty spaces and a few animals missing it wouldn't totally surprise me if it was true which would be a shame because it is a lovely few hours out with a fairly priced entry fee.
There's also a lovely play park one for under 5's and one for the bigger kids situated beside the meerkats and some owls, the bigger park has 2 slides one to get into the park and another on the adventure park but the bridge to get over to the second slide in the bigger park was broken so little ones had no way over to play on some parts of it.
All that a side we had a lovely day out with my mum and it made a nice change to be out in the sun, Daisie did complain she was cold and I stupidly didn't pack any coats so we didn't stay for any displays as sunny as it was the wind was bitterly cold. No day is complete without a pit stop to the cafe even with a lunch packed me and Daisie enjoyed a yummy hot dog and Issy enjoyed a bacon sandwich (her fave)


  1. Fantastic that you won the raffle! I hardly ever win. Stunning photos too. Looks like you all had a lovely day.
    I get mixed emotions when I go to places like that! It's hard to know whether the animal is sad or not isn't it.

    Thanks for linking up to #funfamilydaysout