Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter Egg Hunt '15

Each year since living in the house we do now I've always done a little Easter egg hunt, usually in the little foil wrapped miniature eggs but this year both girls are old enough to read clues and work them out.
So this year I opted for little plastic eggs that opened up (poundland) and put little clues in each one on where they'd find the next egg but its in no particular order and not every clue is the easiest to crack in hope it would take a little more than 5 minutes to complete the hunt.
This years also includes a 'BONUS Egg' which is bigger than the others and has chocolate coins hidden inside.
At the end of the hunt (no doubt I'll still end up finding one or two through out the week) The girls will be able to break into their hairbo bunny & chick.

Do you have an egg hunt planned this easter?


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