Monday, 27 April 2015

Footwear Bargains - STUDIO Catalogue

(Sandals £9.99)

I planned to only ever use my catalogues for bigger stuff or emergency christmas presents 
but every now and then a new season catalogue lands on my door mat and there's bargains I just can't let pass me by because I know for sure I won't ever get it at that price anywhere else.
Like 2 presents I've put away for Daisies birthday a wooden toy mixer £2.99 and an aerial bath castle £5.99! I know BARGAIN
So when I spotted some shoes in my most recent catalogue I just had to grab them because I know there was no way I'd ever get them at that price again.
I did plan to have a photo of each of the bargain shoes I'd purchased but it seems my girls are just like me and can't wait to get their tootsies in a new pair of shoes and my girls are toe scuffers so the ones I got other than Daisie's flower sandals pictured below now support green and brown toe scuffs from playing out in them, So I've put together a collage of just some of the bargains you can get instead.


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