Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Finishing Touches range by Card Factory

Now that I have a card factory local I've found it's become a routine for me to nip in just to have a look at whats new in the small display of home ware items, It wasn't until mothers day that I realized they done so much little bits for the house.
I've been hunting for pretty prints and inspirational quotes for the girls bedroom wall for awhile now and these were just perfect even more than what I was looking for as I was just looking for simple prints but these come in a frame which gives you the option to have it free standing or hanging on the wall.
All for £1.99

And who can resist a scented candle?
The camera really doesn't do the shades of the colours any justice at all they are beautiful, Unfortunately there was no "smile every day" ones left without the A missing on them. 
 The grey fits perfectly with my new bedroom colour scheme plans, They smell lovely I don't know how strong they'll be once burning but even unburnt the quotes and colour is enough to brighten up any room, They are fairly big for only £1.99 too.

I have no idea what I'll be putting in this little box but for £2.99 with such a lovely quote I just couldn't leave it behind. I'm thinking a little memory box of random tickets,photos etc from days out.
I also got a pack of 4 heart coasters Enjoy the little things written on them with a little holder for them they can be spotted in the left hand side of the first picture.

Do you ever shop in card factory for things other than cards?


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