Saturday, 30 May 2015

intu BROMLEY Peppa Steppa

Last weekend the girls, myself, our neighbour and her little boy went along to some half term peppa pig fun at intu bromley shopping centre.
We set off nice and early and made a pit stop at mc'donalds for lunch as a treat for the kids before we headed off to the peppa pig fun, We booked both the peppa stepp dance with peppa and a meet and greet in advance on the intu website both of which were totally FREE!
We expected nothing but a little dance and quick photo there was half an hour between each thing we booked after all it was free you really can't expect to much BUT each of the little ones also got some cardboard glasses just like the ones peppa wears, a little book with activities in to have during the peppa steppa dance where we learnt a special dance instructed by peppa.
When our time was up and we were on our way out of the little arena the kids also got a sticker and a sticker activity book with an RRP of £3.99!
All for free both me and my friend were really impressed we would have happily paid for the dance and meet and greet alone without receiving either of the books.
I'll be keeping a close eye on my inbox for emails from intu alerting me of anymore activities going on during the half terms.

Be sure to check your local intu shopping centres website to see what activities they have going on this half term.


  1. Hi,
    It's lovely to spend time with your kids in the holidays, but tricky to keep them entertained every day! I have to admit to being very relieved when Monday rolled around and I could drop my boy off at Nursery. He was really pleased to see his friends too :)

    1. It's always tricky to find something we can all do that isn't going to cost us a fortune! I find the shorter holidays a lot harder to keep the girls busy with the longer ones there's plenty of time to fit everything in days out wise x

  2. Aw, that's fab! I'm glad that it was so much more than you expected and I think I will definitely try and keep an eye out for more of these sorts of things going on in my local community. Ray xx #mummymonday

    1. I really didn't expect as much as we got considering it was free I'd have more than happily paid for each of us to go, It's definitely worth checking out whats going on :) x