Monday, 11 May 2015

Zoflora - Cherry Blossom

With a full house containing two little ladies,a pooch and a bike building man child it goes without saying that a good family friendly disinfectant is needed and it would be handy not to have a bottle for each room/surface.
Zoflora is just that!
Zoflora is a 2 in 1 action disinfectant and comes in many gorgeous scents, you can use Zoflora on floors,baths,tiles,taps,worktops,drains,sinks,dishcloths,toilets,potties and hard surface pet areas.
Zoflora can also be used in 4 different ways!
I'm much more of a spray and go girl as I get a bit carried away when it comes to diluted things and end up throwing half a bottle in because I like to have a full on whack in the face of scent so I love that Zoflora comes with instructions on how to turn it into a spray.
So I'll be getting myself a pretty spray bottle and be doing just that!

I first used Zoflora in my bathroom, Instead of a spray bottle (as I haven't got one yet) I used a small bowl and as I said above I get a bit cap full happy but done well and only used two as I could smell the cherry blossom almost instantly.
Zoflora lifted the bath water residue from the baths the night before really easily with just one swift wipe with a sponge, unlike most disinfectant/cleaners Zoflora didn't leave a harsh chemical smell which puts me off cleaning whenever the girls are around making it difficult to ever get done.
Now that I have a trusty bottle of Zoflora I can now get some cleaning done with the girls within earshot and not panic over the harsh smells.
I'll without a doubt be stocking up on different scents!

I was a little gutted to find the bottle wasn't as pretty as the box but that really isn't as important as whats inside!

*I was kindly sent a bottle of Zoflora in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own


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