Monday, 22 June 2015

Spotted Poundland

It's no secret how much I LOVE poundland!
I find myself in there everyday just having a look at whats new even when I have no money on me just so I can make a mental note of what to buy when I next have the money if they still have any left, there's so many hidden gems in that wonderful little store.
Not only just with big brand cleaning items (one of my fave isles) But beauty items too.
Recently there's been a lot of big brand beauty items like Rimmel, Calvin Klein, Barry M, Garnier and much more!
I've even seen people mention MAC products popping up in their local store too.

Recently I've managed to get my hands on
2x Rimmel london 6O seconds nail polishes in 835 Bright back at you & 450 Sunny days, Rimmel london Exaggerate lip liner in 005 Pure, Miss sporty So Clear perfect skin in 01 light, Garnier dark spot corrector, Love hearts 3oz candle, Drumstick 3oz candle and a Refreshers 3oz candle.
I also got myself another skin corrector by a different brand and another Rimmel london colour rush balm in a different shade seen in my previous post which you can read here but I can't seem to find them anywhere.

I'm a big yankee candle fan and never says much when I have one burning but I had the love hearts candle before and had it lit, He made a comment on how he could actually smell it and how nice it smelt unlike others I've had that didn't have much kick once lit. So it was a must repurchase and how could I leave the other two after such good feedback from a man?

Have you found any hidden gems in your local poundland/99p store recently? 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Anxiety & Me | Baby Steps

A little while ago I promised myself to do something out of my comfort zone as much as I possibly could after watching a video on facebook and the ending quote was  
"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" 
So with that in mind I set myself the challenge of going to one of my favourite shopping places alone and refused any offers of someone coming with me, with it being a train ride away is something that the thought of going alone would send me into total melt down.
I woke up that morning to rain and said I may not go but Andy gave me that extra nudge winding me up saying it was excuses so with that in mind I got Issy into school and off  I headed to the train station, I felt my knees go weak as I sat down to wait for my train it felt like my heart was beating in the bottom of my throat and my mouth felt really dry despite drinking water.
I text Andy and let him know how I felt he told me I really didn't have to do it if I didn't feel up to it but I was determined to do it and got on my train when it arrived minutes later, Before I knew it I was getting stuck in with a bit of shopping so stuck in that I didn't even have time to think about a panic attack let alone have one.
I was back to the old me of shopping style where it's only okay to sit down if you was finished!
I did sign up to talk talk which I don't even want nor am I remotely interested in as I have my internet provider already but they were so nice I couldn't bring myself to say no.
Then after I hit primark it was time to head home my arms really couldn't handle anymore bags so I started heading to the train station I didn't expect to be in Bromley for anymore than an hour or so but I landed back in my home town at 2pm!
I left at around 9:45 time really does fly when your having fun.

Monday, 15 June 2015


In the box

MONU Spa Rosewood reviving mist £11.95
Evie, Editorial director says:
This skin pick me up never leaves my desk, It's perfect for dull, stressed or flushed skin thanks to the zesty bled of essential oils including lemon, rosewood and geranium. Mist over the face to refresh and set make-up or spray all over to hydrate skin after a bath, shower or swim.

Glossybox Flash Tattoos £6.50
Glossy says:
We're always working to ensure our Glossies are a step ahead when it comes to trends, so we've designed these exclusive faux tattoos. Make like the A-listers and wear the stacked around your wrists with a few bangles, or apply them somewhere different such as above the ankle.

I'm really not sure on what to make of these as I have tattoos myself I doubt I'll ever use them, the girls will have a lot of fun with them tho. Maybe if I ever attend festivals I'd possibly chuck one on.

Halo Fragrance Free Facial Wipes £1.50
Perfectly proportioned to tuck anywhere, these facial wipes are fragrance free sp they're suitable for anyone with sensitive or sunned out skin.

This little babies will be coming with me everywhere in my handbag, as I've found you just never know when you need a face wipe be it mine or the girls.

Kusehi Anticellulite Booster £14.55
This lightweight cream combines a hard hitting mix of natural ingredients and antioxidiants to stimulate blood circulation, in turn toning your skin and fighting off any dimples. Massage into your legs twice a day for summer ready pins.

Now that my legs resemble something you'd expect to see hanging in a kebab shop window I'm really intrigued to see if this makes any difference, I've used it once so far and it's really nice to apply.

Essence Gel Nail Polish £1.71
This innovative nail polish has a long lasting gel formula, for an amazingly shiny manicure that endures all week. Apply it as you would any normal nail polish and invest in Essence's gel nail polish top coat for a pro finish!

I used this the day it arrived and it's pretty much perfect in every way, the colour pay off, application,quick drying time I'm dying to get my hands on some other colours

Over all box cost - £35.91

Are you subscribed to Glossy or another monthly beauty box?

Monday, 8 June 2015

Making party planning that little bit easier

1. Pick a theme
I always find party planning a hundred times easier once I have a theme to work with, it makes party ware buying so much easier to do. Even when it's as simple as a coloured theme rather than a character or specific activity like a crafty party.  Having the specific theme in mind will help you stick to what it is you have in mind rather than straying onto things you won't end up using and just picked up because.

2. Buy in advance
Grabbing things as you go even if it's months ahead of your planned party date. I usually start at least 3 months early but even tho I start that early I usually end up forgetting all sorts but it's usually only the little things like blu tac, sellotape etc all things I can run out and get the day before.

3. Numbers
I love writing lists! So with a birthday party it's the perfect excuse to write another list of children invited so I can work out numbers for party bags, party game prizes etc. I usually have some spares as you just never know how a party pans out you could have siblings turn up too or you could have one or two not turn up. This is also handy for food planning there's nothing worse than being short of food or even over prepared with food and having to bin so much.

4. Book in advance
Again I'm usually a good few months ahead when it comes to booking halls, bouncy castles etc if I plan to have any of those. This year will be Daisie's first hall party and although her birthday isn't until July a hall I planned to book was fully booked other than one slot on a date after her birthday even than it was only free for 2 hours before someone else would be arriving for their booking time. Which didn't leave us a lot of time to get in set up and cleared up and out. Which has ended up being the same turn out for a different hall that I've booked with, It's always best to book well ahead to save any disappointment which will also help you work out final costs for the day.