Monday, 22 June 2015

Spotted Poundland

It's no secret how much I LOVE poundland!
I find myself in there everyday just having a look at whats new even when I have no money on me just so I can make a mental note of what to buy when I next have the money if they still have any left, there's so many hidden gems in that wonderful little store.
Not only just with big brand cleaning items (one of my fave isles) But beauty items too.
Recently there's been a lot of big brand beauty items like Rimmel, Calvin Klein, Barry M, Garnier and much more!
I've even seen people mention MAC products popping up in their local store too.

Recently I've managed to get my hands on
2x Rimmel london 6O seconds nail polishes in 835 Bright back at you & 450 Sunny days, Rimmel london Exaggerate lip liner in 005 Pure, Miss sporty So Clear perfect skin in 01 light, Garnier dark spot corrector, Love hearts 3oz candle, Drumstick 3oz candle and a Refreshers 3oz candle.
I also got myself another skin corrector by a different brand and another Rimmel london colour rush balm in a different shade seen in my previous post which you can read here but I can't seem to find them anywhere.

I'm a big yankee candle fan and never says much when I have one burning but I had the love hearts candle before and had it lit, He made a comment on how he could actually smell it and how nice it smelt unlike others I've had that didn't have much kick once lit. So it was a must repurchase and how could I leave the other two after such good feedback from a man?

Have you found any hidden gems in your local poundland/99p store recently? 


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