Friday, 31 July 2015

Life Recently

  Our live's have been turned side ways recently it's been so hectic that half the time I've had to remind myself to breathe.
We celebrated Daisie's birthday with a little party on the 19th and I had hoped to have a lovely heart felt post about her birthday along with little features of her birthday party but that just wasn't meant to be.
As I was at home girls driving me wild arguing and winding each other up as much as possible, mind whirring with ideas of what to include in my heart felt 'Daisie turns 4' post as I was getting to grips with how the new mac works on my set up profile to start my post but the name was as far as I got before I received a call from Andy a very strangely calm call to let me know he had come off his motorbike he was okay but would be late. 
But he hadn't just simply come off like I thought possibly taking a corner a little to quickly which would be really strange for Andy as his such a careful rider but he was so calm I didn't process much alarmed but not frantic when actually a lovely gentlemen stuck in a long que of traffic decided traffic just wasn't for him and he was above anyone else and shouldn't wait, with that he decided he would pull out and do a U turn with no indication or checking his mirrors, Smashing into Andy as he was filtering down the side of traffic taking him straight off his bike. 
Leaving Andy in hospital with quite bad concussion,whiplash and luckily only a few bruises I say luckily it has still affected what he can do physically as his arm hurt to much to do anything he would usually do during the day and his concussion was so bad he's lost at least 12 hours of his memory again not a lot but still heartbreaking to see him in such a confused state like a baby learning new words having to repeat everything you've said continuously because they just can't process it, Reminding him of Daisies birthday party and all that he had worked so hard on the previous week because he just couldn't remember seeing him breaking down because he was so confused and couldn't remember things, as confused as he was his main concern was had he hurt anyone and was it his fault.
So the past week has been spent trying to patch things up as Andy still has no memory at all of what happened, Luckily we had a very kind gent that witnessed it all that has helped us piece everything together we've spent many late nights telling him all that I know sometimes repeating the same things just as I'd finished telling him because he just couldn't remember. 
Luckily he has no major injuries lots of bruising and a hell of a lot of confusion from his concussion but together we are getting there and life is slowly coming back to a level that's easier to manage than the last week.


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