Sunday, 2 August 2015

Back To School With Aldi

I don't know if your store was the same but I was one of the crazy mums among many trying to find the right sizes in the uniform section of ALDI Thursday Specials last week (23rd)
It was like the sort of scenes you see when there's a weather alert and everyone runs out to stock up on bread, Luckily we worked together rather than against one another and set up a kind of tag team.
We'd hunt for the sizes each other were looking for as well as our own and if we found it we'd hand them over.
Everything was in those HUGE baskets so hangers were entwined with each other, there were stray trousers,skirts and hangers were with the force of pulling them up from the bottom made them come apart.
But for £1 for a pack of 2 polos, £1 for jumpers, £1.5O for skirts and trousers it was worth the battle of getting my hands on some, usually trousers and skirts cost more than socks but the most expensive thing I got was a pack of two dresses at £5.99.
You'd expect the quality to be a little less than rival brands but the quality is just as amazing, I've found the sizing to be a little smaller than asda when it comes to polos but skirts I needed a size down but even if I got the wrong sizes for £1.5O is it really a loss? 

In total I got the girls 2 packs of polos each at £1 a pack
A pair of trousers each at £1.5O
A jumper for Issy at £1 
2 skirts for Issy £1.5O
pack of two pinafore dresses £5.99
A pack of 5 knee high socks each at £3.49 each 
A pack of 5 ankle socks each £1.79 each
and a pack of 3 tights each at £3.99

Coming to a whopping £35.52 
The girls are now fully kitted out for school and it hasn't left me or my bank account crying! 


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