Thursday, 27 August 2015


In September another little man will be joining the Ewing clan taking my niece/nephew count up to 11, 12 if you include a little lady from Andy's side.

Making my little niece a BIG sister! 
During my pregnancy with Daisie I worked on putting a little big sister basket together for Issy for the early days of bringing Daisie home not so much to keep her quiet but to keep her busy while I tended to the demanding needs of a newborn where I can't always be there straight away with her one on one like she grew so used to over the 3 years when my life was just her and no other little human.
It wasn't quite as fancy as this one as her's was the first one I'd ever done so I have got a little better at it over time doing mother's day baskets, easter basket and christmas eve ones, seeing as I have no plans of anymore babies for at least a year or two I just had to put one together for my niece.

I may have gone a little over board as some bits won't fit in the basket and will be going in a bag, It's so hard not to go crazy with so many cute little things to fill it up with.
I've packed it with bath stuff from a shower cap, bath clock right up to some soapy foam, nail polish and stickers, bubble handbag, stickers, secret diary, colour in puzzle, dress up princess, crayons and pencils.
Many of the items cost me £1 and 99p which I felt may look a bit cheap of me until I saw just how much I'd put in the basket, I managed to get the basket completed with time to spare for little mans arrival so who knows I might end up doing a baby boy basket as I've got the basket bug and my mind's going wild with ideas for the girls christmas eve baskets even baskets I could have done for my sister in-law but I think I'm running out of time for that one sadly.

I can't wait to drop it off and see her little smile and give her little brother a squeeze! 

Do you put together big sister/brother or christmas eve baskets?
I'd love to take a peek if you do!


  1. This is such a lovely idea, and so thoughtful. I'm doing Emily a Christmas eve basket this year, she had a easter one too. xx
    Steph |

    1. I can't wait to deliver it to her :) I'm so excited to get stuck in with a christmas eve basket with the girls and read all about other bloggers ones! x