Friday, 21 August 2015

Summer Holiday Blues

Where on earth have these holidays gone?
I had so much planned to do with the girls like cinema trips, soft play, bowling, swimming, museums and so much more so far we've only really done the park trips.
Once again I'm feeling really deflated by just how little we've done after being so set on this holidays being the one we were hardly ever in doors for, Admittedly the weather hasn't totally been on our side  half of the time and of course Andy's bike accident just before the holidays hasn't made things much easier. Also boy do my girls eat! My food shop has doubled in price making sure they have plenty to snack on through out the day. It feels like as quick as I've done the food shop my cupboards are looking like old mother hubbards again within what seems like minutes no matter how much I double up on the following shop.

I began the holidays so organised regarding school uniforms, P.E bags etc  I made sure to buy pretty much all of the stuff needed for the new school term at the beginning of the holidays so it was done and we could enjoy the holidays BUT yesterday it hit me just how little of the holidays we have left and I didn't have their shoes, the ones I was set on buying and had been in my basket for the last week were out of stock in Daisies size when I finally hit the secure checkout button and all of my local stores were out of stock too!
Que some serious flapping from me and as sad as it is I even shed a tear maybe two or three.
You'd think after 3 years of this I'd be a pro by now and have my schedule down to a T but sadly I don't and I can't be sure I ever will, Today I got the last bit of P.E kit and finally ordered the girls school shoes I'm just praying for once that the delivery date isn't accurate as Issy's shoes delivery asked to allow 28 days, 28 days I really don't have. I know how stupid it was of me to leave the shoes until so late and that's what has frustrated me the most I wanted to leave them until last to be sure they fit when they start school but I didn't plan to leave them this late changing what shoes we were going for certainly didn't help but they are ordered and hopefully will be with us by the end of the week!!
Fingers crossed for me mummys & daddys, I'm not sure how much flapping I have left in me if these shoes don't arrive in time for school.

With this little moping post done I'm determind to make the most of whats left of the holidays be it crafts in doors or finally braving the soft play and getting us down to our local maize maze!


  1. Aww do you know what I wouldn't worry to much. I was thinking the other day how my parents never took me anomy sister anywhere during our school holidays but we loved it. I loved the little made up games we came up with and the fact I got to feel a little bored so I was excited about going back to school lol. ;) x

    1. They seem to be happy with what they've done so far and really eager to get back to school and be with their friends now :) x