Friday, 18 September 2015


  • stock up on autumn and winter wear
  • pick a pumpkin
  • carve a pumpkin
  • go puddle splashing
  • attend a firework display
  • dress up for halloween
  • start christmas shopping
  • purchase and light some autumn/wintery scented candles
  • celebrate mine and Andy's birthday
  • welcome nephew number 11 to the clan
  • have a film and take away night
  • buy new hat and scarf sets for the girls
  • collect conkers
  • go leaf crunching
  • make an autumn tea light holder
  • light sparklers

Monday, 7 September 2015

New Beginnings Reception & Juniors

After a month of preparing buying uniform like a mad woman, hair bows and socks galore, a big shoe drama today was the day I helped tiny and not so dinky feet into the kickers that caused me so much stress! Straightened collars,buttoned up blouses and cardigans, set a pretty hair bow perfectly in place,zipped up coats and placed P.E bags on shoulders.
Today was the day my eldest baby started Juniors and my littlest baby started her new adventure in Reception.
The day I've felt like I've had to learn how to walk all over again because there is no little person by my side to hold on to, I have to walk back home after the morning school run alone. 
No one to share whatever it is I dare open with a little person present, No one to huff at me when I ask for them to pick up their toys they are no longer playing with or telling them no to a packet of sweets or whatever it may be I miss it all. Even the bits that drove me mad at the time
I sit alone in the living room feeling like little Bo peeps sheep not a clue on what to do with myself, I should be doing housework but the house seems far to strange to do anything but sit and watch the clock ready for pick up time!
I suspect I'll do this for a few days before dropping both girls off to school in the morning feels normal as right now it feels so alien to me to not have Daisie beside me on the walk home. 
I'm eager to hear all about what they got up to today, what they've learnt, what they had for lunch, the names of new friends they've made and all about their new teachers.
I'm yet to cry setting my little girl off on their new adventures but I can feel them there its the little things I do and notice there's no one there beside me like there has been for so long that delivers a pang to my heart, I think if Daisie could have she would have told me to just bugger off already this morning when I was hanging around in her class room while she got stuck into the sand pit wanting to hold onto my baby for that little bit longer.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Maize Maze Fun With Stanhill Farm

After our plans of going to our local Maize maze being ruined not once, twice but three times 
we finally got to go along yesterday afternoon.
I expected to be in the maze for a good 1O minutes or so and that would be that but an hour or so later (I'm guessing, I was having way to much fun to keep an eye on the time) we wandered out of the maze finding all 1O nests!
We did end up at the exit after only finding 5 nests before we decided we would follow the map, there was no way I was leaving without finding all 1O of the nests.
Each nest had a number of eggs in all with different patterns each pattern belonged to a different dinosaur once we found all 1O nests we had to work out which dinosaur had the most eggs.
Even tho I'd seen a arial view of the maze on Stanhill farms facebook page I didn't notice the maze was actually in shape of a dinosaur until I was handed the map how amazing is that!!!
I can't begin to imagine how much work went into getting the shape correct, There's also a dinosaur foot print shaped maze for the under 4's.
Even after a few complaints of being tired and sore legs Daisie asked could she turn round and do it all again as soon as we had finished and has asked numerous times since we've been if it's time to go back yet, So the maize maze has a really big YES from Daisie.
Stanhill farm is the same farm we get our pumpkins from which you can read about HERE or if you'd prefer to watch our visit you can do so HERE.
Just like last time after our walk home me and Andy got to work on a fry up while the girls watched a film in the living room, The walk there, around the maze and back home took it right out of Daisie and while cooking the fry up she had curled up and gone to sleep on the sofa, I even went to bed for an hour nothing beats a family walk I just wish we had some lovely places within walking distance to make a family walk a regular thing for us.

Have you ever been in a Maize maze?