Friday, 16 October 2015


So you've read all about the event and your no doubt dying to see the goodies I got my hands on?
If you haven't already read my post about the actual LUSH winter's coming bloggers event you can do so here be warned it is very picture heavy but it's so hard to fit in all the goodness of the night!

If you have read my event post you'd have read that each of us were allowed to select one item from each demonstration to take home and try for free, We had a LUSHoween demo with all your perfect pamper needs, a LUSH christmas everything you'd need for the perfect cosy christmas and LUSH candy christmas with lots of pink!
From the halloween demonstration I went for the 'Don't look at me' facemask which can be seen on my hand in the event post, I'm so excited to give it a try properly! 
From the LUSH christmas demonstration I went for the santa FUN for the girls as Daisie absolutely loves playdoh and always asks can she take it in the bath which is a big no no but thanks to LUSH she can. 
From the LUSH candy christmas I went for the magic wand bubble bar again this was for the girls but being a reusable bubble bar I'm sure I could sneak a bath or two out of it. 
Also in my goody bag was the winter edition of LUSH times a sample pot of lord of misrule shower scream, a sample pot of christingle body conditioner and a sample pot of hair custard.

I also purchased the experimentar bath bomb £3.95, Frozen bath bomb (another one for the girls) £3.95, Intergalactic bath bomb £3.95 and the stardust bath bomb £2.95!
I wasn't originally going to buy the stardust bath bomb as it didn't look all that exciting UNTIL we were showed the demonstration then it was one of those 'that's going straight in my basket' moments.
I made sure I didn't go mad but of course I've been gutted ever since and can't wait to go back over and buy some more. 
I haven't had a lush stash for quite some time now so the event was perfect to get my teeth back into my love for lush again.

I will be doing further posts on each bath bombs so keep your peepers out for those if you're interested to read more about them.


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