Saturday, 31 October 2015


On Tuesday we made our annual trip to pick our pumpkins!
(After an alert on my facebook we also went pumpkin picking on that very day last year too)
We set of just as the weather started warming up and took our usual walk to the farm, Andy had been out previously that morning to withdraw money for our pumpkins and said it really wasn't that cold out but me being me didn't want the girls to get cold and put on their coats and wore my own because I didn't want to take a bag for all the camera stuff BIG mistake!
I was bundled with coats when we wasn't even half way there but was to far from home to bother running them back home.
It was a lot busier there this year so we didn't get as many photos as we had planned to get there was just far to many people as you can probably tell by all the random legs behind us in the photo above,
So it was one of those moments where we grabbed our pumpkins and ran the girls and Andy had actually picked their pumpkins before I had got back from waiting for a wheel barrow to become free.
I had a little look round with the girls they were set on their chosen pumpkins, after Daisie being knocked over she was just ready to go so we did just that.
Sadly a few pumpkins had been smashed and kicked around but there was still plenty left to pick from I just find it sad that the farm opens its doors to make picking your pumpkins that little more fun and people don't seem to respect that, maybe I'm just a moaning myrtle.
I'd set my heart on some little white squashes for a little in door display as I wasn't feeling a pumpkin for myself this year but there wasn't any.
This time as Daisie is no longer in a buggy we got a taxi home to help transport the pumpkins and collection of coats, We didn't have our traditional fry up when we got home as I didn't get anything in for it but we did finish the day off with a papa johns!

Hope you all have a lovely Halloween if you celebrate it! 


  1. Looks like a lovely day out! A lot more fun than just picking a random pumpkin from Sainsbury's like I did, haha! Deffo a shame about the people smashing/kicking the pumpkins! x

    Christina Marie -