Sunday, 22 November 2015


We were recently asked if we would be interested in reviewing the Royal Oak Beefeater in Wrotham after it's new refurbishment, Of course we said we'd love to! I love a bit of beefeater its mine and Andy's go to place if and when we ever have a date night.
This is the first time we've eaten at a Beefeater since their refurbish, I took along my parents as it was one of the only times we are child free and it just seemed perfect. 
On arrival I was amazed how small it was the one I usually go to has a pretty big parking area making the restaurant look huge, Once inside the restaurant was pretty big it was a bit like Mary poppins handbag looks small outside but can fit so much inside. We were kindly greeted by the reception staff, we had arrived a little earlier than our booking time 3O minutes to be exact and was eating our meals by the time our table booking time had come around which for me is brilliant there's nothing worse than arriving early unexpectedly and having to wait around getting in the way of other diners and staff. 
We were seated just behind the labelled bull which was the main thing you saw when you walked in.
Each seating area felt very private and personal other than one or two other diners you couldn't see everyone eating their meal and that for me is a really BIG bonus, there's nothing worse than going to a restaurant and being in full view of everyone while trying to eat.
Our seating area was our table and one other two seater table which for me is the perfect amount for one area, 
I really liked the old look of Beefeater and wasn't to sure you could get much better but I was pleasantly surprised the new look was very modern with family's in mind, each seating area looked inviting and comfortable the mixture of floor levels was a great feature, I loved the wood and brick theme that was carried out throughout the restaurant and the different style bull heads dotted around the restaurant were the perfect finishing touch. 

Shortly after being seated we were greeted by our waitress for the evening Dani and told who our Grill chef would be our grill chef for the evening was Jason. 
Which is something I've never had in the many times I've visited beefeater before it was a very nice touch to be told the name of the chef who plays such an important part of the evening. 
After a little look at our menus we were ready to order, Dani made us aware of some items from the menu that they were out of luckily it wasn't anything we planned to order. Dani was very helpful throughout the evening we didn't feel badgered like I have in other restaurants she was there when we needed her and checked in to check we were okay!
 Me and Andy went for the Beer battered cod and chips (we went for the spicy chips like we always do) My mum went for the Sunday double chicken and my Dad for the flat iron steak.
Each of us thoroughly enjoyed our meals only one small problem was the lack of gravy on the Sunday dinner but other than that each meal was perfect.
For afters me and Andy went for the Eaton mess sundae and my mum went for the sticky toffee pudding which were both heavenly!

We all left the restaurant very pleased with our time there and even more happier with the overall cost of our meals we felt it was worth exactly what we paid for it.
AND my dad is happy to return this is a man that usually is really hard to get out to a meal like this, he left really pleased with how the evening went and has even spoken on returning to the Royal Oak and making eating out a once a month thing.
Royal Oak you've converted my pops!

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  1. That ice cream sundae looks amazing!! My mouth is watering as I type! Glad you and your family had a good evening :) x

    Christina Marie -

    1. It was amazing! It made a lovely change especially to have my dad there :) x