Wednesday, 30 December 2015


I've wondered all day whether I should do a 'What I got for Christmas post' but since christmas has been over and I've had some time to catch up with my bloglovin feed I've been hunting what I got for christmas posts and videos because I'm seriously nosey! *insert monkey hiding eyes emoji*
Why don't blogs have emoji options yet?

I won't list each item I got and who they were from because this post would go on forever, I've missed a few things out of the photo like I was sure I had while getting the photo. Some of the things that haven't been pictured are an awesome jack skellington wooly hat because its no secret I'm a HUGE Tim fan, an american sweets box, mascara, family & friends photo frame and an impresive stash of biscuits which was for all of us as a family.

I've been wanting a willow tree statue for awhile now, every time I get into any kind of house conversation I always mention how I'd like one to represent me and the girls, Andy and the girls and me and Andy. 
When delivering our presents my mum mentioned the little bag was breakable and to be careful with it, also that she hadn't got me anything pandora for my bracelet this year but she got me something I've been wanting. Christmas day I finally got to find out exactly what it was and it was the start of my willow tree collection it was the friendship one my mum has called me her best friend since I can remember whenever she's down she turns to me and always apologises for it something I always tell her off for and remind her that its exactly what I'm here for.

I also got plenty of bath stuff lets face it, it just wouldn't be christmas without bath and smelly stuff will it?
I finally got the POLICE perfume I wanted for ages I had planned to get both me and Andy them as the bottles match just different colours but never got round to it before, So I finally got him the mens one and his cousin got me the womens so we can finally display them together in my bedroom! 

I also got some jimjams which aren't pictured because obviously I've lived in them since I got them, I'm guilty of getting into my pyjamas as soon as I know I'm done with going out for the day.
Theres just nothing better than your jarmies when your indoors how Andy doesn't own one pair is beyond me.
I also got some underwear but nobody wants to see that

I also have the Holly Hagan not quite a geordie book on its way to me, I've wanted it for what feels like forever since starting to watch Geordie Shore I'm seriously late to the party on this one and have only watched the last 2/3 series. I've read Vickys and now its just Charlottes on my list, I did plan on lending my nieces copy but she sucks at reading books and I've read a few waiting for her to finish her copy.

If you have a What I got for Christmas post I'd love to have a read, leave me a link below so I can take a peek! 

Monday, 28 December 2015

How we spent Christmas 15'

First of all I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas, I've been so useless with my blog the past two months my plans of any scheduled christmas posts didn't go plan at all after I got seriously swept up in all the christmas madness, flapping left right and centre over anything and everything.

This christmas we had a big family christmas at home.
We had a total of 12 of us for dinner this was our first year having such a big number to cater for or to cater at all usually we go along to my mum and dads for dinner, Luckily we all worked as a team when it came to buying in everything my mum and dad bought and cooked all of the meats, My aunty done all the desserts and I had the easiest bit of all the trimmings.
I DID have every intention of preparing and cooking said trimmings myself but my parents popped in early after going to my brothers, With an hour to go until our other guests would be arriving and dinner should be almost ready to dish I of course was only half dressed in my tights and skirt with my pyjama top on and hair all over the place we won't even mention my face. I had only got as far as setting up the tables and clearing up all the madness of the mornings present opening.
I had no idea that the potatoes would need boiling before going in the oven so thought I had more than enough time *palm face*  Thank god for mum and dad they ended up peeling and prepping all the veg and even manning the cooking of them on their first christmas off! 
While I finished getting myself sorted, the final pieces of the table and general unnecessary flapping around
Sorry mumsie and pops next year I promise to be more with my time keeping. This Christmas was the first time my mum and dad left the house for christmas dinner in 48 years!!
My dads a hard one to get out the house to any kind of event as you may have read in my beefeater post, once he's out he loves it but its the getting him to come along in the first place.
The cherry on the cake this christmas for me was hearing my dad talking to Daisie about christmas telling her that this years was the best christmas.
It went so well I've been wondering why I've never hosted christmas at my house before, It was so lovely having everyone that means so much to us around our table.

On christmas eve we decided we wouldn't be getting as many pictures as we did in pervious years and to just enjoy the day by being in the moment rather than watching it through a camera screen. It was lovely I am kind of regretting not getting more than I did tho because I barely got any and the ones I did get are either blurry or the lighting was awful.
I even bought plenty of photo props for the dinner table and didn't even get any of those either I totally underestimated the power of food once our plates were full the photo props was the very last thing on our minds.

With christmas day over with its onto the countdown of Issy's 8th birthday!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas Eve Boxes '15

This year I made the girls boxes a little more of a permanent fixture and something we will pull out every year if I haven't found another use for them once Christmas has passed.
I went for a plain crate from eBay and done the finishing touches myself with Andy's help, Now I have the crate bug and I want crates in every room!
I'm lucky enough that Andy owns his own vinyl cutting machine so he cut the girls name out in vinyl sticky back and I used that as a template for me to paint onto the boxes one of Issys L's bled slightly under the sticker but I was in no way going to make it worse by correcting it afterwards so opted to just leave it be.

Over all the boxes cost me a total of £16.41 for the both of them
that includes the cost of the ribbon and paints to paint them white and the red for the names.
All of the items inside cost me no more than £1 each!!

I planned to get a lot better photos on my camera but it just wasn't happening I always remembered at the weekend with little eyes around who have been lead to believe the boxes I was painting were for Daddy's tools and to this day they still believe so. With Christmas just round the corner I'm running out of time way to quickly to get any decent pictures of them with school plays to attend, christmas shopping to finish and whatever else likes to pop up this time of year I'm sure you'll forgive me for my shoddy phone photos.

Have you done a Christmas eve basket this year?
 I'd love to read all about them if you've blogged about them!