Friday, 1 January 2016


I'm not even going to try and fool you guys into thinking the new year will bring a whole new me because I'm not even kidding myself and to be totally honest there's a few tweaks I'd make but a whole new me is just a tad extreme.
That being said if I wanted to make any drastic changes I don't think I'd wait because theres no better time than the present a new year is a perfect start just as a memorable marking but this year I decided to stop waiting and just went for it something I plan to continue throughout 2O16 and all other years from now.
So I'm going to make a list of goals I'd like to achieve through out 2O16!

- I really let my blog slip at the end of this year, there was plenty of opportunities to schedule posts but I just didn't take them and I'm truly gutted now looking back so one of my goals for 2O16 is to have a blog schedule I can hopefully keep to around general life.
- Attend more blogging events I've attended a couple since starting my blog but I'd love to take the leap and attend a few more that are out of my comfort zone I tend to shy away from a lot of them because I don't think I'm quite worthy of the 'blogger' name.

- Take more pride in my appearance I own more than enough tools for the job but when I can I'll always opt for the extra 3O minutes in bed or just to laze about before heading out, There was once a time I would never leave the house without making an effort.
- Drink more water I very rarely drink water and always opt for a fizzy drink, I managed to kick the habit of drinking a litre of coca-cola a day more water is the next step.
- Enroll onto a few make-up courses and other courses that take my fancy.
- Pass or at least be close to passing my driving test, Twice I've started lessons and given them up near to christmas the first being 2O1O

Home life & General home
 - Have more of a structured routine with our home life
- Clear both gardens and keep it that way, making them as I've imagined them for so long
- Turn my house into the home I've been lusting after for so long

Do you have any goals you'd like to achieve in 2O16?


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