Sunday, 31 January 2016


January has to be one of the best months but equally the worst month,
Whether it's recovering from the cost of christmas, getting back into routines, the pressure of keeping to any resolutions you've made etc theres always something BUT all those sales sure do make it that little bit better to handle!
I've never really done any major January sale shopping sprees only because money simply doesn't allow me to but I have spotted loads I'd have got if my children weren't so inconsiderate wanting to be fed everyday of the week not to mention bills coming from every angle.
(I'm joking before I get burned at the stake for that)
But I sure do miss the days were all I had to worry about was what I was having for dinner and not how much it was going to cost to put together, The joys of being a adult eh!
I haven't got my hands on a major amount but I like to think I've picked myself up a few little gems in the sale this month from Primark, Store twenty one, Superdrug and Asda.

Excuse the worn boots they are so pretty I couldn't hold off wearing them until I got some decent pictures but if you have me on twitter you'd have read that my love for them was very short lived.
After the first day of wearing them I noticed one of my toe nails were red but put it down to one of the girls recent atacks of nail varnish, I went on and wore them for a second day but when I took my socks off 2 of my toes on each foot were covered in blood! BOO...
I seem to have a crazy obsession with make-up sponges even tho I don't use them, if I find one in a new shape or colour I just have to have it and the primark one was no different I didn't spot it until I was at the till and saw the glorious £1.50 down to 70p sticker I just had to have it.

I spotted the copper/rose gold pen and letter holder in store twenty one before christmas and fell in love with them but didn't pick them up, I plan to swap rooms with the girls and my desk will actually be used as a desk rather than another place to put washing piles, store anything and everything so these were just perfect and a must have for the small price tag. Just like many others in the blogosphere I'm  in love with rose gold and copper recently so the next time I was near store twenty one I ran straight to the section they were stocked to grab them.
Since putting the palettes I purchased in the letter holder while they waited for me to take photos of them I fell in love with them as a palette holder so I'm considering grabbing a few more for make-up storage too.

I had my eye on so much of the make-up revolution sets in superdrug over the christmas period and sadly didn't get my hands on any of them until boxing day and they had the Ultra Salvation lip collection right down to £1.99!!!! 
Of course they went straight in my basket, I also had my eye on the Studio classic eyebrow series before Christmas too and was more than willing to pay the full price but never did get round to it so when it was down to £1.99 I didn't hesitate in grabbing it.
Another thing I've gone crazy for is eyeshadow palettes I don't even wear eyeshadow but palettes are so pretty and if I own them I can start playing around with eye looks!
I have my eye on a few of the W7 palettes so when I saw the In the night one down to £2.50 in asda it was another must have buy.

Did you get your hands on any bargains this month?


  1. Woo! You got some lovely bits. The boots are so lovely, such a shame they hurt your feet! Would love to hear your thoughts on the W7 palette x

    Christina Marie -

    1. I'm so gutted! They were hurting the first time I wore them but thought it was just the shape of them but they just aren't meant to be :( Maybe I can wear them somewhere I won't be doing much walking, I'l do a separate post on the W7 palette :) I'm hoping to get my hands on the lightly toasted and in the buff ones too x