Sunday, 28 February 2016


After spending way to much of my time browsing the KIKO website filling up my basket just to laugh and close the tab again, I finally got my hands on some products from my local store.
I popped in before but felt way to overwhelmed and walked back out again empty handed, this time I didn't leave with everything on my list as I forgot it but I also noticed some price differences from what I'd seen on the websitre for example the Smart lip pencils I had my eye on are £1.20 online but £2.50 in store not a major difference but I'm all for a saving no matter how small.
They did however have a deal on of 5 products for £10 and that's a deal I can't say no to!
If this hadn't have been the first store I went in I'd have easily got double the amount I did and after not buying much more after leaving Kiko, I'm gutted I didn't go back and buy more of the eyeshadows in the offer.

KIKO packaging reminds me a lot of MAC but at fraction of the price, I love how simple the packaging is I'm not sure if I'm actually going to unpackage anything because it all looks so posh in the black boxes.

I picked up a bottle of the Brush Cleanser 50ml for £5.90 looking at the picture of this online I expected the bottle to be double the size but couldn't bring myself to put it back when I realised how small it was compared to my H&M one, even tho I've also recently purchased a bottle of baby shampoo to clean my brushes with too.
I also picked up a Smart lipstick in 925 hazelnut.
In the 5 for £10 offer I picked up three of their Infinity eyeshadows in 210 Satin Brick, 239 Mat Gray Taupe and 271 Pearly Gray.
Two automatic precision lip liners in 501 salmon pink and 502 deep pink which both retail at £5.90 each on the website!
After doing the swatches (which just looked pants nothing to do with the products but my dodgy photography lol) I have really high hopes for the lipstick and lip liners they took quite some scrubbing to get off my arm, there's nothing worse than applying lippy before leaving home and being left with just the lining of your lips by midday and realising you left your lippy at home so can't even reapply.
My basket is already full of lipsticks and lip liners ready to order, Did you know kiko have a reward card scheme? I totally forgot to download the app and missed out on my 1O% off these purchases but you can even earn points for engaging with them on social media, how cool is that!

Have you purchased anything from kiko recently?


  1. I've not tried any Kiko products before but for some reason I thought they'd be way more expensive! I'm pleasantly surprised! Would love to hear your thoughts! x

    Christina Marie -

    1. I thought they would be a lot more expensive than they are, they certainly look it don't they! I'll make sure I do a review post soon :) x

  2. I have never tried anything from Kiko either and also thought it would be more pricey than this. Thanks to you I will be making a little purchase myself this week! lol :) x

    1. I've been wearing the lipstick quite a lot recently and I love it, I'm dying to get my hands on more shades! Don't forgot to sign up and get your 1O% off your first order :) x