Friday, 19 February 2016


Yesterday we made the most of the girls week off school coming to an end by going along to Kent Life in Maidstone for the day.
Neither me or Andy drive so trips like this don't happen as often as we'd like but we are very lucky to have good friends that treat the girls as if they are family and often take them out on lots of amazing adventures that we are unable to, This time I tagged along for the day.
Kent Life is the perfect day out for any family theres something for all ages, The girls enjoyed cuddles with the smaller animals in the cuddle corner, feeding the bigger ones, a play in the play park, bouncy castle, soft play and a tractor ride all of which were completely FREE. 
You had to buy a bag of animal food for £1 when paying your entrance (£19.95 for a family of 4) but that's a small price to pay for a day full of fun. 

One of the activities Kent Life offers is a crafty corner where you can paint a pot of your choice with prices ranging from £3 up to £7.50, £3 being for a small figure and £7.50 for a very nicely sized figure well worth the price I'm gutted I couldn't really stretch the extra £5 for the girls to have painted one of the bigger ones but they love their £5 bunny and dragon figures.
Issy's sits proudly on her desk and Daisies sits snuggly in her bed despite warnings of if he falls he will break, which I did in fact hear him fall in the night and was called in at 4am when she could no longer find him in her bed BUT he survived the fall and is now snug between two pillows and on the wall side of her bed.

As well as being able to get up close with the animals there is also buildings such as a WWII Cottage from nearby Lenham, Victorian Petts Farmhouse and the blacksmiths forge which are set up exactly how they would have been back in their time, I now regret not going in for a peek as it would have been lovely to see but theres always next time.
There was also a classroom set up with the old wooden desks with the lift up tops really taking you back to what school life would have been like back in the day. Also in the school was a black board listing Honours gained by Lady Boswell's girls school, I went over to have a peek and see if any of my family surnames were listed anywhere and there in the middle column was two names with the same surname as my dads birth surname.
Whether they are part of my family tree I don't know but it's always fun to find a name you could possibly be linked to in some way!

We didn't come prepared with lunch as we were unsure if we would be allowed to eat our own lunches on the grounds so half way through the day we stopped off at Dotty's tea room a 1950's inspired tea room serving a delicious range of home made cakes.
The girls went for cheese on toast with chocolate milkshake and I went for a baguette and apple juice, I also couldn't leave without trying their macaroni cheese so was a little piggy and ordered that too something I planned to share with the girls as they were undecided on that or their cheese on toast but Daisie had a few mouthfuls and Issy wasn't keen so I was left to shovel it in on my own.
My camera kept misbehaving throughout the day so I saved the moments it did behave for shots of the girls feeding the animals rather than lunch and a few of the other things we got up to which really sucks but Andy the tech will hopefully be with us next time and be on hand to help with any problems I may have.

Through out the year Kent Life holds all kinds of events from Half term fun & frolics, May day celebrations, Peppa pig days, Classic vehicle shows right up to the usual seasonal events Easter eggstravaganza and easter egg hunt, Halloween spooktacular, Firework spectacular and meeting Santa.
You can get yourself an Annual membership for £95 lasting 12 months which gets you free entry to the grounds and buildings for the whole year.


  1. This sounds like such a lovely day out. I SO miss being a kid and being able to do stuff like this without people judging, haha! How lucky that you get to experience all of this with your girls! Hope you have many more exciting days planned :) x

    Christina Marie -

    1. It was a really lovely day out I can't wait to be able to do things like this more often, It's great to be able to get stuck in with the kids even now I still get odd looks with just how involved I get at times lol :) x