Tuesday, 8 March 2016


It's been awhile since I've had a good lush splurge, so it was only right to have a little spend up when my local LUSH had their valentines, mothers day stock in! I was given the heads up of the easter range coming within the next week so I made sure I returned as soon as I could and got my hands on the famous fluffy egg.
I'll be honest I'm not one to go into lush and even read whats in or what a bath bomb/bubble bar does if it's cute I'm having it and we shall live happily ever after well until I use it and it is no longer.
This haul seems so much bigger when I lift and look in the bag, now I've got pictures of it seems like such a pathetic haul.

Mothers Day Range
Ladybird Bubble bar - How cute is this little guy! He's almost way to cute to break up and use.

Rose Bombshell - This is another bath bomb I picked up simply because look how beautiful it is!
The little hints of colour peeking out leave me full of excitement of what sort of colour my bath is going to end up!

Valentines Day range 
Lover Lamp - This purchase was simply because I needed to get my hands on something from the valentines range, being white it's not usually a bath bomb I'd go for because I'm a huge kid at heart and the more colourful the better, but looking at those random bits of red hearts I know I'm going to be impressed.

I picked up Fizzbanger and Yoga bath bomb because of their colours, Look how bright they are! 
The colours alone I just know I won't be disappointed with them.

Think Pink is one of the girls favourite bath bombs so it's a must have if I ever nip into LUSH. They get as excited as the first time they had this one when the hearts start making an appearance. 

Easter Range 
Fluffy egg - It just wouldn't be easter without it really would it?
Which came first? - I picked this up as a joint gift for the girls easter baskets this year, In previous years I've always thought £6.95 was a little steep for a bath bomb but this isn't just A bath bomb, you can easily get 3 baths out of this maybe even 5 if you don't want to use a whole half of one side of the egg and could split each side into twos and still have plenty left to enjoy later.

I'm dying to get my hands on the bouncy bunny shower jelly for the girls but I totally forgot to look for it, I'm hoping to get back over there before Easter and get my hands on it!

Have you got anything from LUSH recently?


  1. Great post! I do love a Lush haul! I need to get my mitts on those Easter goodies before they run out! x

    Xtina G Says..