Thursday, 7 April 2016


Another make-up range high up on my wish list is New Looks range.
So when I saw that beautiful red sale sticker on a few items, I knew it was time I made my first purchases!
I picked up 3 eyeshadows and two lipsticks, one scanned through at full price but only being £3.99 at full price it really wasn't bank breaking.
For some reason I've gone eyeshadow crazy yet I never wear the stuff but there's so many pretty colours, My theory is one day I'll have enough time to sit and have a play around with different looks and then in turn be brave enough to actually wear them daily.
One of my issues is I have quite hooded eyelids and I also wear glasses full time so is it totally pointless to even bother? If anyone has any eye make-up looks for hooded eye lids I'd love to have a read/watch!

The eyeshadows I picked up were mink, dark grey and cream
(listed in photo order)
I picked up lipsticks in number 17 Camel and A matte lipstick in 75 Sweet Rose.
After trying on the sweet rose I'm not so keen it's a lot pinker than I thought but as the season changes I may change my mind, I used to wear hot pink shades quite a bit and I look back at photos and cringe so that could play a big factor in my disliking for it so I'm not going to write it off just yet.

Have you tried anything from the New Look PURE COLOUR range?


  1. I haven't tried any of the NL make-up products but I was REALLY impressed with the nail varnishes. Love the shades you chose! x

    Xtina G Says..

    1. I've recently been using the dark grey under my waterline instead of an eye liner and I'm pretty impressed so far :) x