Friday, 27 May 2016


You've read all about the recent LUSH fathers day event I attended, if you haven't you can do so 'here', Now for the goodie bag!
The LUSH staff were very generous with our gift bag contents, I was so happy to see my name and my blogs on my bag label (it really is the little things) 
Not only did we get to take home our creations of Sunny Side bubble bar and a Big Blue bath bomb but we were also lucky enough to take home a Super Dad bath bomb, Smugglers Soul facial scrub and a Smugglers Soul shampoo bar.
Also included in our bags was a Fresh Thinking catalogue and a Spa Treatment menu (everything's so tempting)

I didn't purchase a lot as it was the dreaded bill week, the week every adult despises!
No matter what I was set on buying Andy the Lush Mechanic cold pressed soap, He's now fully stuck in with motorbike building with requests coming out of his ears which means oily dirty hands near on every day, which never mixes well with my white door frames, white tiled bathrooms or pretty much anywhere touchable.
I grabbed myself my first Lip scrub I know, I know where have I been?
I'm an awful Lushie.
I also grabbed myself some Tea tree toner tabs, I need to find a time where I am home alone because I know the girls or Andy wouldn't ever let the chance of the perfect opportunity to wind me up and me not being able to do much pass them by.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Recently I was very kindly invited to my second LUSH event in my local store, Who can say no to a night full of LUSH goodness? this time being for this years Fathers Day range.
Bloggers were welcome to bring a male along to this event be it dad, brother, partner or friend but  Andy was looking after the girls so I could attend but next time I'll make sure I have a baby sitter on stand by (If you've stumbled upon my blog mumsie you are more than likely the chosen one *flutters eyelashes*)
Although it may not seem it LUSH is very much a unisex company and this event was based all around products for the special men in our lives, all of which can also be used by women too of course.

(The lovely Emily from adding one of the very important ingredients to sunny side)

On arrival we were offered a drink and a selection of fruit to help ourselves to given our name labels, checked in with Raif's register and our bags/coats were taken ready to get really stuck in.
In true LUSH fashion our drinks were served in the little pots some LUSH products come in, 
First up we were introduced to our lovely hosts for the evening and given a little run through of how the evening would go, to warm us up we got to make our own Sunny Side bubble bar before getting stuck into any of the sections they had prepared for us, There were 4 different sections Shower, Hair, Baths and Skincare.
Each section packed with the perfect pamper for any special man in your life and even for yourself.
We were put into 4 separate groups, I had the lovely Emma from emmainbromley and Nat from beautyboxobsessed in my group, as a group we all got on really well which is always something I panic about before attending events there's nothing worse than arriving on your own and spending your whole evening on your own. I wish I'd grabbed a snap of all of us together but theres always next time!

We were talked through the barbaric history of Sandalwood which features in a lot of the Fathers day range, Giving each item that manly scent the sort of scent that makes you think of your own dad and how safe one of their hugs makes you feel.
After each group had rotated and been talked through each section of products, to wrap up the evening the LUSH staff had gloves at the ready for us to get messy again when each of us got to make our very own Big Blue bath bomb.
Once each of us had successfully made our bath bombs we were free to shop if we wanted and handed our goodie bags, I was so excited to see my name and blog written on the label on my bag.
I'll save the contents of my goodie bag and my purchases for another post!

A huge thank you to everyone at LUSH bromley for inviting me and for holding such a fun packed evening. It was great to catch up with some familiar faces from my first LUSH event back in October as well as meeting some new lovely bloggers that I hope to catch up with at future events.
 One of my faves from the October event couldn't make it this time and her pretty face was missed very much! 
 (Yep, I'm talking about you Christina if your reading this) 

Sunday, 1 May 2016


For quite a while now I've been talking about wanting to join a gym or at least get a fitness dvd to follow at home but each idea hit a brick wall, Gym memberships are a little to pricey for me and with a fitness dvd I was in control of the pause button and that's likely to be how half the work out would end up before I eventually just gave up and turned it off.

I was still determined to keep fit in some kind of way and while scrolling through Facebook a few people on my friends list had liked a local clubbercise page and I done exactly the same as well as tagging a few friends in a post to see if they would be interested in attending a session with me. 
As well as mentioning it to anyone that would be likely to come along with me, with the next session approaching I was determined to go wether a friend came along with me or not and purchased a sports bra as my boobs may not be the biggest but boy do they fly all over the place when going down the stairs let alone a energetic work out.
Since attending my first session I've been out and got myself some sports leggings, sports trainers, a top and even some snazzy little sports socks!

Clubbercise isn't your usual boring work out and with it being in the dark you don't feel conscious of other clubbers seeing you and if like me getting all the moves wrong but enjoying yourself none the less, with the hall lit up with disco lights and glow sticks, it really is just like a night out without the heels or hangover.
After my first session I really felt the work out in my legs for three days but after a second session I don't feel as achy and even managed a little jog home.

I highly recommend anyone wanting to give some kind of fitness a go while having fun to look for any clubbercise sessions running local.