Friday, 27 May 2016


You've read all about the recent LUSH fathers day event I attended, if you haven't you can do so 'here', Now for the goodie bag!
The LUSH staff were very generous with our gift bag contents, I was so happy to see my name and my blogs on my bag label (it really is the little things) 
Not only did we get to take home our creations of Sunny Side bubble bar and a Big Blue bath bomb but we were also lucky enough to take home a Super Dad bath bomb, Smugglers Soul facial scrub and a Smugglers Soul shampoo bar.
Also included in our bags was a Fresh Thinking catalogue and a Spa Treatment menu (everything's so tempting)

I didn't purchase a lot as it was the dreaded bill week, the week every adult despises!
No matter what I was set on buying Andy the Lush Mechanic cold pressed soap, He's now fully stuck in with motorbike building with requests coming out of his ears which means oily dirty hands near on every day, which never mixes well with my white door frames, white tiled bathrooms or pretty much anywhere touchable.
I grabbed myself my first Lip scrub I know, I know where have I been?
I'm an awful Lushie.
I also grabbed myself some Tea tree toner tabs, I need to find a time where I am home alone because I know the girls or Andy wouldn't ever let the chance of the perfect opportunity to wind me up and me not being able to do much pass them by.


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