Wednesday, 27 July 2016


With the six weeks summer holiday in full swing the challenge is on for parents everywhere to find things to do to keep the little ones busy with it costing as little as possible.

First on our hit list was the free fairy hunt at our local Ruxley Manor garden centre, We collected our Fairy Hunt booklets from the main reception which had a beautiful fairy on each page, in total we had twelve fairies to hunt for and find their names, once you found them all you could hand in your completed booklet into the Mulberry Tree restaurant and get yourself a FREE cupcake with any hot drink purchased.
After finding the first two fairies the girls did get bored of filling out the booklet and it was left for me to do but they still enjoyed wandering around spotting the hidden fairies with their little friend.

Not being one to drink hot drinks and not to mention the price of said drinks we missed out on our cupcake but we did enjoy a lovely lunch before heading back for the bus home. It was the perfect thing to kick start our things to do this summer holidays.
Next on our list is a Dino day in one of our local shopping centres.