Friday, 18 November 2016



Party themes are so much fun to have but can also be very pricey, for items your going to be using for a matter of hours before they are binned or shoved in the junk drawer because they cost that much you tuck them away in hope you may end up using them again one day. 
This year I went for an alternative to the branded themed partyware available, Daisie's party theme was My little pony and her table cover alone cost £2.79 (which is pretty good but it took a lot of hunting down as most were being sold for £4+) Now maybe I'm just a major tight arse but I find those prices a little steep for something that will have all sorts spilt on it until it's eventually rolled up and binned once the parties over. 

So this year instead of going for the themed party plates, cups, decorations, party bags etc 
I went for the colour scheme of each pony on the table cover, We had a ceiling of crepe paper running from each side of rainbow dash hair colours, a tassel garland of Twilight sparkle colours and plates in the colour scheme of Fluttershy.
Thankfully a few of the children picked up on the look I was going for and it saved me a good few pennies which I was able to put towards another present for Daisie.

You can do similar with most loved programmes, I've used Avengers Assemble as an example above using the colours from the Hulk, Captain America and Iron man.
Coloured partyware can be found pretty much anywhere from Asda,Tesco and eBay for as little as 99p.


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