Sunday, 3 December 2017


Over the last couple of years special boxes of all kinds full to the brim with little gifts for our little ones to keep busy and to simply enjoy have become a big thing.
This year shops everywhere have caught on to the trend and you can grab yourself a christmas eve box to fill yourself from places such as ASDA for £2.50 sadly these are only available in stores, Home bargains for £3 and even Poundland! 
Sadly neither of these I can find a picture of online but I have seen them in my local stores.

Your bound to find a box within budget somewhere, Before such boxes were available to buy I purchased a wooden crate from eBay and decorated them myself which you can see 'here' and re-fill it each year.
Can I find one the same to make one for L? like hell can I and that's going to drive me insane not having them matching, luckily she's a little small this year so I have time to hunt for the perfect crate ready for next year.

Like a stocking Christmas eve boxes don't need to be costly places like Poundland, Poundworld, 99pstores, The works, B&M and eBay are all perfect for finding fillings. For a wide range of age groups The works even have a loyalty card!

Christmas Eve Basket Ideas | The Works

Everything pictured above is what I came across on The Works website costing no more than £5.


This year I'm putting together a little family Christmas Eve box with things like our Socks, Hot chocolate mugs, Pyjamas, Snacks and Hot chocolate mix. As well as the girls individual ones with little treats and things to do, I now put their boxes out to find Christmas Eve morning as I found they didn't have time to get stuck into them doing it of an evening because of either family events going on or bed times ready for us to do our Santa part ready for morning.

Thursday, 26 October 2017


Why are babies easier than toddlers? The answer is pretty simple, babies can’t run away and don’t scream and throw fits for petty reasons, and these are only few of the many reasons why. Caring for a baby is so much easier, they can’t do anything and don’t protest. Babies just want to eat, sleep and be loved. When they become toddlers, that is when they become a handful.

When you are caring for a baby, the only cleaning you have to be dealing with is laundry, changing diapers and taking baths. But when they become toddlers, they are granted with the capability to make a mess, and there are some big disasters that a toddler can single handedly create. You should probably do your research on how to handle this problem if your child is one of these people.

A baby’s cry can sometimes get to you, but it is just a baby’s cry, it just wants your assistance. When a toddler cries, they know what they are crying about and quite often, it’s because of the most ridiculous reasons that makes it even more irritating. What’s even worse is that the toddler doesn’t just have one way of protesting, along with crying comes screaming as well.

Your baby can’t run away yet. Toddlers who have mastered the ability of walking can jolt out of your sight and it will take you a moment to realize that they are gone before starting to panic and looking for them. Babies don’t do that, they can sit in their crib or play corner for a long part of the day and just do their thing or nap.

You thought that cleaning after a baby was challenging, you are not prepared for what follows after. Cleaning and tidying up will become an everyday thing. While you have a little tornado around your home, you will be required to regularly clean after them. Spilled food and drinks, toys all over the place, and the potential use of anything as a canvas. So many more things will keep your hands full with the cleaning supplies. You shouldn’t be concerned about it though. There is a lot of help you can find online, including homemade cleaning products that will definitely work and are safe for your child. 

Toddlers are curious world explorers and that is wonderful. This is a significant trait in every baby animal that you can think off, but sometimes, curiosity crosses the line. They are also not known for being the discrete kind and can embarrass you in public without having any regrets about it.

Speaking of curiosity, when a toddler sees that you are busy doing house related work or other important work, they would insist on helping you, which is really kind but sadly, their help would only slow you down and there are very high possibilities that it wouldn’t turn out the way you planned it. What you have to do in this case is to find a distraction for your toddler while you get the job done.

The toddler becomes a bit independent, which is great and all, but sometimes, the decisions they make are not the right ones and no matter how hard you try to explain to them that this thing has to  be that way, they will insist on their own and be very stubborn about it.

baby's wardrobe can be pretty basic, while on the other hand, a toddler can be quite pretentious about theirs. They would want to wear that one specific thing that needs washing up and they would  just throw a fit and rather be naked than wear anything else.

Besides the consumables, your baby wouldn’t need anything else. While taking your toddler along with you while shopping, you put your bank account at huge risk, and if you don’t comply with the expectations of your child, be prepared to get your nerves wrecked to bits and pieces. 

But don’t take it too seriously, because when a toddler grows up to be a child things don’t get easier at all, and a few years later they become a teenager… So just enjoy the year or two you have to care for a little squishy ball of love.  

Tuesday, 10 October 2017


I've been a mum for the past 9 almost 1O years! 
I hear it all the time 'you don't look old enough to have one let alone three' to which I always reply I wasn't, because truth is I wasn't I was just sixteen when I had my first daughter.
(I never know if that's a very honest reply or if I just come across as a right snappy grumpy cow?)
That's not to say I regret having her far from it the only thing I would change would be myself and how I done some things during her younger years but I've learnt, continued to learn and have so much more to learn with each of my little ladies upbringings. 

I may have been a mum for 9 years but it's taken me to have my third child to realise I NEED Me time whatever that may be. 
It's just as essential as all the things I do for each of my girls, to continue to be able to do those things,.
So recently I've been spending my me time when all three girls are sleeping a little more wisely rather than doing my best potato impression and waste my time with tele I'm not actually watching, window shopping pining over things I'll never actually buy, I still make time for a window shop a hell of a lot it's a rule for any woman isn't it?
 I've started washing my hair when it needs doing rather than scraping it back for as long as I can until it's just not acceptable anymore usually when it gets to the point of being able to take the hairband out and it pretty much stays put (disgusting right)
painting my toe nails because Andys watching L and the older two are either at school, with me choosing their own colours or happily playing.
Taking an extra five minutes in the bath to read my book because the girls are okay, Doo's  is usually playing in my bath water with her toy, collecting my bubbles getting me to blow them and make a wish and as much as it's not complete  'Me' time I love every second of it because one day she won't want to do that anymore and we'll be arguing over who gets their half hour in the bath first instead.

It's taken me this long to not feel guilty for taking some time out and letting Andy hold the fort for awhile because he is more than capable and needs his daddy and daughter time too! 
I'm also learning that having my nails done, a hair cut, a new coat/shoes or whatever it may be doesn't make me the worst mum in the world, the girls have everything they need and more. 
Taking care of me is just as essential as taking care of them.

Monday, 18 September 2017


I'd stocked up on the girls school clothes for the new school term a couple of weeks before the Aldi back to school event but the prices are just to good to turn down, So I stocked up even more because when your three days into the school week and your little cherub wanders out of school looking like school had run out of paper and their only option was to decorate the perfectly crisp white shirt you sent them in with that morning or their was just no time to wash their hands before wiping clay residue down their trousers/skirt. 
You promise yourself you'll have it cleaned and dried by morning because it seems to be the only shirt left out of the many you bought when preparing for the new term, Morning comes and it dawns on you that you totally forgot and your only option is to send them back in with the same wrecked shirt and you promise yourself again that as soon as their home it'll be going in the wash.
With prices like £2.49 for a pack of two shirts and £1.25 for a pair of trousers Aldi takes all that stress away, you  have more than enough to whack out the spare and look like you really have your sh*t together or your children are the ones you see in catalogues and still have a pristine uniform mid week! 
I honestly have no idea how some parents do it when their child arrives to school with not even a hair out of place, My girls get round the back of the house and look like I've dragged them through a hedge (it feels like it too some mornings) and I support a mum bun not even the strong 'I got this' kind, it resembles more of a birds nest that's been ransacked, again how the hell do some mum's get their mum buns looking so perfect? 
and make-up HA! like I'm bothering with that give me the extra pillow time any day!

So here's what I picked up...
Pleated skirt £1.25, Girls trousers x2 £1.25 each, P.E skort x2 £2.79 each, Two pack pinafores x2 £5.99 each, Short sleeved shirts to pack x2 £2,49 each and Round neck P.E tops x2 £1.79 each

At a grand total of  £29.87

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


If your a regular reader of my blog or at least used to be when I was actually active, You'll know it's no secret of mine that I struggled with Anxiety.
If you followed my 'Anxiety and me' stories you'd have read that I had very slowly become the old care free me again, I even got myself a job! 
Since being pregnant one of my biggest fears has been the anxiety returning as it wasn't until Daisie was born that my anxiety disorder occurred and slowly took away every part of what made me, me.
Gladly I'm still powering through my pregnancy with just two weeks to go with no signs of anxiety rearing it's ugly head as of yet and I really hope it stays that way.

It did however steal quite a bit of my pregnancy joy, instead of skipping along buying anything I clapped eyes on there was a constant niggle at the back of my mind that something could be wrong, something that has stuck through out my pregnancy, I don't know if it's because I'm more aware of the possibilities now but even now I have to shoo away the thoughts of her not being mine to keep and i'm silly for getting so much prepared, I can't help but feel its down to anxiety still lingering? 
I never had these thoughts cross my mind at least once with the girls I was skipping around from day one without a care in the world, Could it be the scare we had new years day when we thought our little lotto win had actually been snatched from us already?
Even that was that in punishment for my mixed emotions on being pregnant? Our very much wanted baby was finally ours and now my minds questioning whether I'm actually ready?
A lot of my problem is that I see everything as a sign be it from the universe or someone above (I'm a little bit hippy with that) it's forever making Andy laugh, A magpie cant be outside without it being a sign of some sort, The baby on board boots lorry back in November was a sign I was pregnant and not just general traffic, I read into things a lot more than I probably should.

It's also left me terrified about such simple things like having a little grumble about being uncomfortable, to the point I've been in tears over the guilt of feeling that way. I reassure myself often that it's perfectly normal not to enjoy every single second of pregnancy but that still hasn't stopped me feeling awful about it. 
I make sure I always say I'm still very much enjoying my pregnancy because honestly I really am but I feel my body may have hit that wall now and although mentally I don't think I'm ready because my mind still does that 'oh hell no' when I think about giving birth but I think my body is ready to meet this little lady now, I feel awful for not remembering ever getting to this stage with the girls and wonder if it is because I'm older now? Obviously I know no pregnancy is the same each of my experiences is more than enough proof of that for me.
Each of my pregnancies have been walks in the parks to some of the updates I read from friends and fellow bloggers journeys and again the guilt hits me, how dare I grumble over the little things that I should expect and prepare for!

I'm not sure exactly where I wanted to go with this post but it hasn't turned out how I expected but I've gone with the flow of what came to me while typing, I guess what I'm trying to remember is that no matter how easy my pregnancy may be compared to others it's okay to have a little grumble and not enjoy every single second I am only human after all.
It doesn't mean I love this little lady any less than my girlies and I should as I advise anyone and everyone just let the emotions/feelings flow it's all part of the process. 

Sunday, 11 June 2017


So I'm expecting my third little lady, I'm well on my way to my very own princess tribe!
Although my girls aren't your stereotypical girls there isn't a sickeningly pink bedroom, princesses, glitter and fairy wings galore. You'll find my girls in the middle of the mud pie with the grubbiest of hands of the bunch, dancing away to the fart/burping music app in their room, opting for a ball over a skipping rope.
If your expecting your third,fourth,fifth... child of the same sex to your eldest two,three or four some of these phrases won't come as a surprise to you. To be totally honest I was kind of expecting some of them but will I ever stop hearing it?

Do you know what your having?
A little girl
*que the sympathetic tone of voice* Oh another one
This one has to be one that gets me the most, that sympathetic tone really rlys me

Will you keep trying until you get a boy?
No, I'll keep trying because I want more children, if we have a boy bonus if we have a girl bonus! 

Another girl? Ahh are you happy?
Well of course I am, Why wouldn't I be?

Aw poor Andy.
This is one you just expect to hear and I have been heard to say it myself  but
Why poor Andy? He now has 5 women in his life that love him more than he'll ever know, that'll always be there rooting for him whatever he shall choose to do, 3 will always see him as their king, 1 he'll always be her little solider and 1 he'll always be the better half of.

I know no one would have meant anything by these comments and maybe I started to take them to heart a little more than I should have but after hearing them whenever someone asked me if I knew what I was having yet, I started dreading people asking me and felt really sad for my little growing lady and protectively cupped my bump as if to protect her from hearing what was being said and gave her a little reassuring rub.

Thursday, 8 June 2017


33 weeks and 3 days

24th July.

Little lady

According to my Ovia app baby is the size of a ferret, can now detect light and her pupils now dilate and constrict.

Backache seems to be making an appearance recently but I'm certainly not helping matters after having a few cashiers tell me I should be taking it easy while serving me with all my bizarre buys like a kitchen bin that I've filled with all my other purchases, I've decided it is time I left those sort of buys for when Andy's with me.

I seem to be needing an afternoon nap now if I don't I find my eyes getting really heavy around 5/6ish but I'm still sleeping well through the night when I don't have a niggling tooth keeping me from fully settling.

ICE just as I did with the girls, I'm the first in the que for a slush puppy when the ice cream man comes round and always get a medium for the price of a small (clever man) I rather enjoy a penguin bar or four too.

I'm feeling rather pregnant, this is the first pregnancy I've felt quite heavy bump wise when doing day to day activities and find myself having to take a little breather on the school runs, babies movements feel quite strong and very hard to miss this pregnancy too, the girls were always obvious movers but this bubba can be known to take my breath away or make me jolt randomly.

Seeing our little lady for the last time before we meet her and starting to discuss my delivery options with my midwife.

I know I said it before but I'm really hoping my love for blogging returns now I'm actually on maternity leave and have a lot more time on my hands, I really wanted to document this pregnant here on my blog but there's been quite a bit going on recently that it really was the last thing on my mind.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017



                                                                            HOW FAR ALONG?
22 weeks.

24th July.

Little lady

According to my Ovia app baby is now the size of a American guinea pig, I'm not quite sure if theres a size difference to your general guinea pig? Everything looks perfect and as it should be at our 20 week scan the other week, she was still exploring her facial features holding onto and touching her nose, at our early sexing scan she held onto her ears the whole time we were there (3 hours).

I've gone from 54.3kg to 57.4kg so not a huge amount of weight gain but they are keeping an eye on my weight due to my BMI.

I seem to be getting a lot of round ligament pain with this pregnancy, most mornings it can be quite uncomfortable to roll over and can wake me in the mornings.

Sleep varies for me at the moment some mornings I can happily be awake before my alarm (I always wait for my alarm tho of course) Others I wake feeling like I've barely slept.

Still nothing I can totally put down to a craving but I am LOVING cupcakes with fresh butter icing! 

Feeling like I can finally get excited and start preparing for our little pea and like its actually real, We are having a bubba join us and it's not just something I'm hoping for when people pass me at work with their bumps and posh buggies because I have one too.

Seeing our little lady again and getting all her bits washed ready for her arrival.

*As you can tell I've totally failed at taking up blogging again which I'm pretty gutted about but maybe I can get fully stuck in once my Maternity leave starts. 

Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Boy am I pleased to see you!
This week I finally welcomed the second trimester with open arms, I'm now 14 weeks!!
I'm aware google and my bounty pack book say the second trimester starts at week 13 but my apps seem to say today is my first day of being part of the second trimester club, Being my 3rd you'd think I'd know this by now.
 I'm so eagerly waiting to feel Nugget have a little wiggle after the week we had last week,
Just as I was warned I've experienced some more bleeding but this time after a day of the room spinning and being sick every time I dared leave my bed, que the frantic worry!
Why am I being sick all of a sudden? Why am I bleeding after being unwell? Sickness bug? Is something wrong with baby? 
As much as I was warned I could possibly bleed again, it didn't make it any easier to relax when it happened. I didn't bleed with Doo's until I was quite far along and could feel her move for some reassurance and went to EPU each time after ringing my midwife but everything's changed since then and you now have to be referred to see them, so this time I rang for advice and was told if I wanted to be seen I can go up and listen to Nuggets heartbeat (which I'm also eagerly waiting to hear) I could but would need my GP to refer me before heading up there. So I decided to wait it out with it not being heavy and nothing like the first bleed I had and just take it easy as advised.

14 weeks. 

24th July.

To early to tell.

According to my Ovia app baby is now the size of a troll doll and his/her kidneys are now producing urine and is nearly doubling in weight each week at this point.

I don't own scales and won't know of any weight changes until my upcoming antenatal appointment.

Other than a more obvious and permanent round tum, some back ache my pregnancy is still pretty much symptomless.

For the past two mornings a few hours before my alarms due to go off I've been unsettled for various reasons (Nuggets morning feed time maybe?) other than that I'm doing okay for sleep.

I've got quite the sweet tooth this time around and enjoy a good chewy sweet, everywhere you read says your having a girl but I don't remember eating many sweets with the girls. Fruit juices are a big hit too it was all coca cola with the girls and after but this time I'm really not keen and prefer juice or milkshakes.

Actually feeling pregnant now, still anxious but like I can start getting excited and relax a little now.

My first antenatal appt in 2 weeks and our early sexing scan in 3 weeks. 

Friday, 20 January 2017


Back in early December I not only found out that I'd secured a second contract with Marks and Spencer after completing my 3 month contract with Princes Trust, I also found out one of Daisie's wishes was to become true.
She's finally going to be a BIG sister not only is she going to be a big sister her little brother or sister is due to join us 9 days after her birthday!! 
My due date by dates would have been her birthday but our first scan switched things up a little, I am however getting some dejavu with this pregnancy my due date by scan dates is the same due date I was given with Doo's those many years ago.
As much as we weren't trying to prevent a pregnancy it came as quite a shock after coming back off my pill and my period disappearing we didn't get our hopes up as at the beginning of last year the same thing happened with every pregnancy symptom going and we were very hopeful but after a scan it turned out to be hormone related.
This time my period disappeared but along with no pregnancy symptoms, BUT 4 tests and another 2 each day following finding out and testing my tap water to be sure it wasn't a dodgy batch of tests it's safe to say this little one was on board, that didn't stop me testing to double check the morning of my first midwife appointment tho!
I've been to Manchester and back with my brother, been doing big equipment and stock moves at work and attended friends get togethers while enjoying the very very rare jager bomb all while this little one was on board and I had no clue.

Other than sleeping for the 4 of us which I can do when I'm not growing a human, randomly having an emotional day which all makes sense now, my pregnancy has been pretty symptomless, We had quite a scare new years day but after an emergency scan it came to light I have a subchronic bleed beside my placenta/pregnancy and it's likely I may experience some more bleeding through out my pregnancy.