Sunday, 11 June 2017


So I'm expecting my third little lady, I'm well on my way to my very own princess tribe!
Although my girls aren't your stereotypical girls there isn't a sickeningly pink bedroom, princesses, glitter and fairy wings galore. You'll find my girls in the middle of the mud pie with the grubbiest of hands of the bunch, dancing away to the fart/burping music app in their room, opting for a ball over a skipping rope.
If your expecting your third,fourth,fifth... child of the same sex to your eldest two,three or four some of these phrases won't come as a surprise to you. To be totally honest I was kind of expecting some of them but will I ever stop hearing it?

Do you know what your having?
A little girl
*que the sympathetic tone of voice* Oh another one
This one has to be one that gets me the most, that sympathetic tone really rlys me

Will you keep trying until you get a boy?
No, I'll keep trying because I want more children, if we have a boy bonus if we have a girl bonus! 

Another girl? Ahh are you happy?
Well of course I am, Why wouldn't I be?

Aw poor Andy.
This is one you just expect to hear and I have been heard to say it myself  but
Why poor Andy? He now has 5 women in his life that love him more than he'll ever know, that'll always be there rooting for him whatever he shall choose to do, 3 will always see him as their king, 1 he'll always be her little solider and 1 he'll always be the better half of.

I know no one would have meant anything by these comments and maybe I started to take them to heart a little more than I should have but after hearing them whenever someone asked me if I knew what I was having yet, I started dreading people asking me and felt really sad for my little growing lady and protectively cupped my bump as if to protect her from hearing what was being said and gave her a little reassuring rub.

Thursday, 8 June 2017


33 weeks and 3 days

24th July.

Little lady

According to my Ovia app baby is the size of a ferret, can now detect light and her pupils now dilate and constrict.

Backache seems to be making an appearance recently but I'm certainly not helping matters after having a few cashiers tell me I should be taking it easy while serving me with all my bizarre buys like a kitchen bin that I've filled with all my other purchases, I've decided it is time I left those sort of buys for when Andy's with me.

I seem to be needing an afternoon nap now if I don't I find my eyes getting really heavy around 5/6ish but I'm still sleeping well through the night when I don't have a niggling tooth keeping me from fully settling.

ICE just as I did with the girls, I'm the first in the que for a slush puppy when the ice cream man comes round and always get a medium for the price of a small (clever man) I rather enjoy a penguin bar or four too.

I'm feeling rather pregnant, this is the first pregnancy I've felt quite heavy bump wise when doing day to day activities and find myself having to take a little breather on the school runs, babies movements feel quite strong and very hard to miss this pregnancy too, the girls were always obvious movers but this bubba can be known to take my breath away or make me jolt randomly.

Seeing our little lady for the last time before we meet her and starting to discuss my delivery options with my midwife.

I know I said it before but I'm really hoping my love for blogging returns now I'm actually on maternity leave and have a lot more time on my hands, I really wanted to document this pregnant here on my blog but there's been quite a bit going on recently that it really was the last thing on my mind.