Monday, 18 September 2017


I'd stocked up on the girls school clothes for the new school term a couple of weeks before the Aldi back to school event but the prices are just to good to turn down, So I stocked up even more because when your three days into the school week and your little cherub wanders out of school looking like school had run out of paper and their only option was to decorate the perfectly crisp white shirt you sent them in with that morning or their was just no time to wash their hands before wiping clay residue down their trousers/skirt. 
You promise yourself you'll have it cleaned and dried by morning because it seems to be the only shirt left out of the many you bought when preparing for the new term, Morning comes and it dawns on you that you totally forgot and your only option is to send them back in with the same wrecked shirt and you promise yourself again that as soon as their home it'll be going in the wash.
With prices like £2.49 for a pack of two shirts and £1.25 for a pair of trousers Aldi takes all that stress away, you  have more than enough to whack out the spare and look like you really have your sh*t together or your children are the ones you see in catalogues and still have a pristine uniform mid week! 
I honestly have no idea how some parents do it when their child arrives to school with not even a hair out of place, My girls get round the back of the house and look like I've dragged them through a hedge (it feels like it too some mornings) and I support a mum bun not even the strong 'I got this' kind, it resembles more of a birds nest that's been ransacked, again how the hell do some mum's get their mum buns looking so perfect? 
and make-up HA! like I'm bothering with that give me the extra pillow time any day!

So here's what I picked up...
Pleated skirt £1.25, Girls trousers x2 £1.25 each, P.E skort x2 £2.79 each, Two pack pinafores x2 £5.99 each, Short sleeved shirts to pack x2 £2,49 each and Round neck P.E tops x2 £1.79 each

At a grand total of  £29.87