Tuesday, 10 October 2017


I've been a mum for the past 9 almost 1O years! 
I hear it all the time 'you don't look old enough to have one let alone three' to which I always reply I wasn't, because truth is I wasn't I was just sixteen when I had my first daughter.
(I never know if that's a very honest reply or if I just come across as a right snappy grumpy cow?)
That's not to say I regret having her far from it the only thing I would change would be myself and how I done some things during her younger years but I've learnt, continued to learn and have so much more to learn with each of my little ladies upbringings. 

I may have been a mum for 9 years but it's taken me to have my third child to realise I NEED Me time whatever that may be. 
It's just as essential as all the things I do for each of my girls, to continue to be able to do those things,.
So recently I've been spending my me time when all three girls are sleeping a little more wisely rather than doing my best potato impression and waste my time with tele I'm not actually watching, window shopping pining over things I'll never actually buy, I still make time for a window shop a hell of a lot it's a rule for any woman isn't it?
 I've started washing my hair when it needs doing rather than scraping it back for as long as I can until it's just not acceptable anymore usually when it gets to the point of being able to take the hairband out and it pretty much stays put (disgusting right)
painting my toe nails because Andys watching L and the older two are either at school, with me choosing their own colours or happily playing.
Taking an extra five minutes in the bath to read my book because the girls are okay, Doo's  is usually playing in my bath water with her toy, collecting my bubbles getting me to blow them and make a wish and as much as it's not complete  'Me' time I love every second of it because one day she won't want to do that anymore and we'll be arguing over who gets their half hour in the bath first instead.

It's taken me this long to not feel guilty for taking some time out and letting Andy hold the fort for awhile because he is more than capable and needs his daddy and daughter time too! 
I'm also learning that having my nails done, a hair cut, a new coat/shoes or whatever it may be doesn't make me the worst mum in the world, the girls have everything they need and more. 
Taking care of me is just as essential as taking care of them.


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