Thursday, 26 October 2017


Why are babies easier than toddlers? The answer is pretty simple, babies can’t run away and don’t scream and throw fits for petty reasons, and these are only few of the many reasons why. Caring for a baby is so much easier, they can’t do anything and don’t protest. Babies just want to eat, sleep and be loved. When they become toddlers, that is when they become a handful.

When you are caring for a baby, the only cleaning you have to be dealing with is laundry, changing diapers and taking baths. But when they become toddlers, they are granted with the capability to make a mess, and there are some big disasters that a toddler can single handedly create. You should probably do your research on how to handle this problem if your child is one of these people.

A baby’s cry can sometimes get to you, but it is just a baby’s cry, it just wants your assistance. When a toddler cries, they know what they are crying about and quite often, it’s because of the most ridiculous reasons that makes it even more irritating. What’s even worse is that the toddler doesn’t just have one way of protesting, along with crying comes screaming as well.

Your baby can’t run away yet. Toddlers who have mastered the ability of walking can jolt out of your sight and it will take you a moment to realize that they are gone before starting to panic and looking for them. Babies don’t do that, they can sit in their crib or play corner for a long part of the day and just do their thing or nap.

You thought that cleaning after a baby was challenging, you are not prepared for what follows after. Cleaning and tidying up will become an everyday thing. While you have a little tornado around your home, you will be required to regularly clean after them. Spilled food and drinks, toys all over the place, and the potential use of anything as a canvas. So many more things will keep your hands full with the cleaning supplies. You shouldn’t be concerned about it though. There is a lot of help you can find online, including homemade cleaning products that will definitely work and are safe for your child. 

Toddlers are curious world explorers and that is wonderful. This is a significant trait in every baby animal that you can think off, but sometimes, curiosity crosses the line. They are also not known for being the discrete kind and can embarrass you in public without having any regrets about it.

Speaking of curiosity, when a toddler sees that you are busy doing house related work or other important work, they would insist on helping you, which is really kind but sadly, their help would only slow you down and there are very high possibilities that it wouldn’t turn out the way you planned it. What you have to do in this case is to find a distraction for your toddler while you get the job done.

The toddler becomes a bit independent, which is great and all, but sometimes, the decisions they make are not the right ones and no matter how hard you try to explain to them that this thing has to  be that way, they will insist on their own and be very stubborn about it.

baby's wardrobe can be pretty basic, while on the other hand, a toddler can be quite pretentious about theirs. They would want to wear that one specific thing that needs washing up and they would  just throw a fit and rather be naked than wear anything else.

Besides the consumables, your baby wouldn’t need anything else. While taking your toddler along with you while shopping, you put your bank account at huge risk, and if you don’t comply with the expectations of your child, be prepared to get your nerves wrecked to bits and pieces. 

But don’t take it too seriously, because when a toddler grows up to be a child things don’t get easier at all, and a few years later they become a teenager… So just enjoy the year or two you have to care for a little squishy ball of love.  


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