Sunday, 7 October 2018


Friends Fest is a MUST event for any friends fan! 
Last year was the first ever Friends Fest and if I remember rightly it was supposed to be a one off because I sulked like a toddler in a sweet isle that's just been told no because tickets were snapped up within minutes and I wasn't one of the ticker owners. 
I got over it but pined over the photos going up all over social media, So as soon as I saw it was back this year and tickets were live I sulked some more because I had done the sensible thing the day before and paid some bills (f*ck you adulthood) 
After some more sulking I realised I did have enough for two tickets and managed to snap them up for the day of my birthday GET IN! *Strong arm emoji*
I'd be getting to sit on the set of not only Monica, Joey and Chandler's apartments but new and exclusive to this year Ross' too!

 Not only do you get a tour of the apartment sets, You get the chance to recreate the opening credits AND the famous 'PIVOT' scene, Sit in Phoebes taxi, Photo oppurtunites in Ross and Rachael's chapel of love and the 80's high school prom photo area, Grab a coffee in Central Perk, Have a slice of the Joey Special, drink character cocktails I went for 'seven' which was interesting. There was also the chance to take part in a quiz for your chance to win some goodies. 
Lets not forget the gift shop!
BUT make sure you have your bank card handy, you'll find some fairly good priced bits and some good deals but it isn't until you get to the till that you'll find a sign saying it's card only.

Other than the guided tours you book a time slot while booking your tickets everything else is open for you to return to as much as you like and for as long as you wish to, You can sit and watch some of the best bits on a huge screen.
We had really good weather on the day we went, so good that you had to get yourself one of the really good seats to actually be able to see the screen through the sun and shadows of the metal frame work of the stage and with it being so warm that day we would have been guaranteed to burn with it being out in the open. 

Saturday, 8 September 2018


Well that's that, Another six weeks summer holiday down!
Six solid weeks of keeping your little cherubs busy while trying to keep costs down as much as possible because bills still need paying and the food shop almost doubles having the kids home. 
There's a few companies that lend a helping hand in making the holidays fun, getting the children out of the house all while not breaking the bank to much, Here's a few of the things we've got up to this and past school holidays.

Pets at Home - My Pet Pals Workshops

Pets at home hold daily workshops for children to get up close to some of their little furies while learning how best to care for them, Once each child has had a snuggle of some of the pets they get taken on a tour of the shop getting a look at all the other animals up for adoption and for sale. Each child also receives a little workbook and a poster once the workshops over.
It's perfect for getting them out the house for half an hour especially if like me you don't have any small furies at home.

ODEON - Bargain Mondays

On Mondays tickets cost £7.50 for both adults and children, This offer runs through out the year not just the school holidays! Perfect for an after school treat.
 Once you've got your tickets and your in they even have a great deal on snacks, Odeon offer a Family Mix which gets you a Regular popcorn, Two regular drinks and 2 Kids mixes which include popcorn, a choice of sweets and a drink all for £10.99!  

Hobbycraft - Craft Workshops 

Hobbycraft hold a number of different craft workshops through out the year for a small fee which ranges dependant on what it is you will be doing, The girls got to make and bring home their own jar of slime for £2 each.

Local Fun days

Though out the summer holidays our local parks and family friendly pubs hold family fun days. Where a number of local businesses come together and get involved. Some things within the events  involve a small cost if you wish to have food from the BBQ, face painting etc.
We got to hold a selection of reptiles at our local park for a small fee of £2 per child, We even had huge sticks of candyfloss in a range of amazing flavours. 

Nature Trails

Sadly we never made it to any of the nature trails this holiday but there were loads going on near by, These were either free or included a small fee to take part. Alot were held at local castles or country parks so you could take a picnic and make a day of it once the trail was over.

A lot of local events I came across on Facebook after clicking interested events of similar kinds nearby popped up almost daily.
 Making small work of finding things to do this summer

Thursday, 10 May 2018


There's nothing I love more than a good book, Each of my girls have their own book collections so when we had the chance to share our thoughts on Benjy Bunn's Busy Day, I grabbed the chance with both hands.
Benjy Bunn's busy day is part of the Benjy Bunn series, he's been on many other adventures such as going to the shops and even the fun fair, The Benjy Bunn series is the perfect collection for new little readers with a large clear font and full of colour to keep younger ones focused. 

The first of Benjy Bunn's adventures was written by Bev Scott Prior back in 1973!  
written for her children, One story became two and Benjy Bunn's been on a number of adventures.
Benjy Bunn has since been illustrated by Bev's grandchildren and it continues to grow and be loved by her great grand-children and many other young readers.

With the school run over, girls in their jammies and dinner had, I grabbed my chance to see what Doo's thoughts were on our new book. 
I let her read Benjy Bunn's busy day as part of her school reading, Doo's had a little giggle at what Benjy had got up to on his busy day and loved his little friend that joined him on each thing he got up to and noticed when he was missing panicking he may have got himself into some trouble, she was relived to see his return on the next page. She struggled with a few words but not very many compared to some other books, over all she enjoyed the book for it's silliness and loved Benjy's creativity with things. 

With L only being 9 months she can't quite tell me what she thinks but as soon as I sat down with the post and opened our delivery of Benjy Bunn's busy day, She grabbed at it straight away and was mesmerised by the bright colours, cooing away happily at the pictures in the book, I had to wrestle it off her and bribe her with another book before she would let me have it in case she ripped any pages.

Doo's overall thoughts 
aged 6

3 words to describe Benjy Bunn's busy day 
GOOD, Funny, Silly.

Favourite part 
When he was making a cake for his mama.

Would you like to read anymore of Benjy Bunn's adventures?

How many stars would you give Benjy Bunn's busy day?
5 Stars because it's really funny!

* We were sent a copy of Benjy Bunn's Busy Day in return for an honest review

Friday, 27 April 2018


Things change A LOT

So much had changed since I was pregnant with Issy and Doo's from how I had my pregnancy confirmed you self refer yourself straight to the midwife now, how I can be seen in EPU with Doo's I'd just ring ahead and turn up but not anymore, right down to what things were allowed.
I'd never heard of laying on a certain side while pregnant, I was told off for crossing my legs when pregnant with Doo's but never with Issy.
I was never advised against certain things such as cot bumpers with both girls and they both had them but by the time I was due to have L there was talk of them not being allowed EVERYWHERE.
It was 10 and 6 years ago but a lot of what was okay to do with them as babies was no longer allowed or advised. 

NO pregnancy REALLY is the same

Although L was the smaller of the three girls I really felt pregnant this time round, with the older two girls I pretty much sailed through no undisturbed sleep, not much of a waddle and not many 'typical' pregnancy complaints.
(I hear you pregnant mummas 'oh f*ck off') 
With L I woke each time I rolled over to assist my bump over too even tho it was a smaller bump to my previous bumps, Certain movements she made were painful and made me walk funny or left me uncomfortable willing her to move or for it to be time to have her now. Both girls were late so it was clear L would be late too right?
Oh no, she surprised us a week EARLY! 

It's perfectly fine not to 'enjoy' every single second

It's taken three children for me to admit not every day is sunshine and rainbows, From pregnancy right up to pre-teens, I actually cried because I felt so bad for not enjoying certain moments of my pregnancy with L, It's perfectly okay to take yourself away just for a breather, to mutter f*ck sake when you hear your name for what feels like the 1,000 time when you've just sat down for the same request you've answered, to long for bedtime already and basically admitting its been a s*itter of a day and the kids have been testing from the moment they woke up.
Before I wouldn't dare mutter or admit I hadn't quite enjoyed that day so much because I'd be riddled with guilt for thinking such a thing

Not everything will be as you imagined it 

I've pictured my little family unit, my home and myself as a mum in many many ways and at times every single one seems so far from what I imagined.
The girls room doesn't stay tidy and the perfect children's bedroom for any longer than 5 minutes when I've let them loose in it, I'm not sure it's ever been the perfect little room I imagined.
I'm a mother of three girls and there isn't no Disney loving, no princess theme, no sickening amount of pink anywhere, no perfect little tidy bedrooms, barbies and dolls spilling out of every toy box YET!
L could well be my stereotypical girl.
I imagined L perfectly dressed in bloomers and knee high socks looking picture perfect at all times, lets all have a giggle together.
I'm not full of energy and crafting every weekend like I imagined and hoped, The girls hair isn't perfectly plaited because I STILL can't get the hang of a french plait, we don't run to the park with picnic in tow every time the sun shows it's face, we don't have a strict routine, my daughters don't take part in every after school club going and my house isn't  the clutter free minimal Insta perfect house I'd love it to be but do you know what that's okay! 

Me time is vital

It's taken my third baby to realise looking after myself is just as important as looking after them, Having my nails or hair done does not make me selfish, the girls don't need anything and I don't drink or smoke so is having my nails done such a bad thing?
I always had my nails done before but I often let them grow out until they started snapping off because I felt so guilty at spending £15 on myself for an infill, Andy often marched me there or gave me the money and forced me to go and have them done.
Booking to see WICKED after years of wanting to go? Go right ahead mumma you deserve it!

To just be is very much needed to help function as best as I can as a mum and it's nothing to feel guilty about, the girls will do just fine for a couple of hours without me while I'm me and not just mum.

It's only now that I've considered and am fully set on making happen a weekend away for mine and Andy's 10 years together next year because that's something to celebrate!
I would never have entertained the idea a couple of years ago and I wouldn't even pretend to consider it BUT it was actually my idea and I'm really looking forward to it.
It's a weekend, I'm coming back and I'm pretty sure all three girls will be quite happy to be shot of my face for a little while.

Sunday, 1 April 2018


I wasn't aware Easter bags/baskets or Christmas eve ones for that matter were a thing, Until I joined the blogging world a couple of years ago and I just loved the idea,
Some people are all for them others aren't to keen.
I'm on team keen and it's since become a tradition in our house to have one for Easter, Halloween and Christmas, this year I wasn't actually going to put one together until Doo's asked if they'd be getting a bag/basket this year, shes become pretty fond of waking up to one and how could I disappoint? it helped my itchy palms too! 
I'm a sucker for some tat! because if we're honest these bags tend to be full of things you only throw away in months to come or you kick it around the house because it doesn't quite have a place.
Although I plan on getting a storage box for Easter related items for things that can be whipped out year after year and any Easter bargains I manage to grab for future baskets.
Nothing in the girls bags cost me anymore than £2, £3 at the absolute maximum. 
 I hunt for bag fillers in the god send that is Poundland, Homebargains, B&M and Poundworld each one has great little fillings such as activity books, teddys, skipping ropes, colour changing cuties, head boppers/bands, Novelty pens etc.

This year I had an extra little bag to make up for little L, She's only 8 months this Easter so won't really understand to much about whats going on and definitely won't be needing much chocolate but I couldn't leave her out and TheWorks, Poundworld and Poundland made that pretty easy to do so!
Some items I grabbed have the usual 0-3 with the sad face on but are all things I plan to entertain her with myself like the collapsing bunny and if she does get her hands on it, it will be under very close supervision. 
L loves a book and each of the books I grabbed are perfect one with a little finger puppet and one 'lift the flap' book with different kinds of animals that come from eggs. 

Saturday, 17 March 2018


Instead of going for the usual biggest box of Ferrero Rocher we could find for my mother in-law last Christmas, I decided to mix things up a bit and make a wreath of them instead.
So I ordered my polystyrene wreath from Hobbycraft along with a glue gun, Picked what colour tissue paper I was going to use and stocked up on Forrero Rocher in Asdas 3 for £1O offer.
I totally under estimated just how many boxes I'd need to cover the wreath ring I'd purchased and ended up using 81 Ferrero Rochers altogether.

You'll need
Polystyrene wreath ring in desired size and shape - Hobbycraft
Ferero Rocher or  chocolate/sweets of your choice - 3 for £10 Asda
Glue gun
PVA glue 
Tissue paper

Using PVA glue I covered my wreath ring with my chosen colour of tissue paper which was a nightmare in itself but the further around the ring I got I worked out how best to do it, While the wreath ring dried I cut tissue paper into squares for the Ferrero Rochers to be put in around the wreath to give the wreath a fuller look.

Squares cut and glue gun at the ready, I started by gluing on my bow so I didn't add any unnecessary ones, then began adding the Ferrero Rocher's to my wreath starting with the top, then into the centre and again to the outer edge making sure my Forrero Rochers were sat closely together, this is something I also got the hang of the more I added. 
I ended up squashing my bow a little to much but  it was all a learning curve for any future ones I make, You can make these kinds of wreaths with all kinds of chocolates Heroes, Celebrtions, Lindtt etc.
I was going to make my mum a Lindtt one but very quickly ran out of time, maybe next year.
They make giving chocolate during the festive season that little bit different!

Monday, 12 March 2018


Well I totally failed at documenting my pregnancy here on my blog didn't I!
This post has been written up for months just sitting in my drafts section and with little L now being almost 8 months I think it's time I hit that publish button.

16th July 
With both girls being late I was so sure this little lady would be no different, I was even trying to book cinema tickets for me and the girls as one last little mummy and us date before there was three of them but there was no viewings available for that Friday (It was a sign.) With a week to go my bag was packed but I'd only just hit panic stations of where and what the girls would be doing when the time comes, So I began writing up a list and contacting those I trusted to have them and worked out who could do what times and what days depending on this little ladies plans.
With still a week to go I didn't stress a major amount so that list was left unfinished to contact more people and finalise in the week.

17th July
I woke up feeling odd but had done many times in the previous weeks so started to run myself a bath before heading into the girls room to get them up and ready for school. 
Daisie was distraught when it came to leaving for school and was stuck to me like glue she had to be peeled off me once she had finally calmed down, I'm 100% sure she knew something I didn't now! 
Discomfort came and went many times through out the day but nothing painful so I put it down to braxton hicks and got on with my day as normal, Andy was popping in and out the house all day running all kinds of Andy errands appearing every so often for reassurance that I was okay after spotting me swaying side to side to see the discomfort through.
Each time I assured him all was fine and to get on with his day while I ripped the girls bedroom apart before the school holidays began.

My discomfort started to become a bit more painful and needed a little more focusing to get through, So I decided to try and get some sleep while I had the chance to and downloaded a contraction timer so I can time just how long the discomfort was lasting. The girls returned home with Andy they came and told me all about their day and again I assured Andy I was fine and had started timing things but was still sure there was nothing to it. I was pretty sure they were coming every 10-20 minutes so really wasn't panicking in the slightest after a few pains with a 6 minute rest time between them and Andy popping in to check on me I decided it was time I rang the hospital just to get their opinion on things. 
As expected try a bath, have paracetamol and just see how I get on, I rang my mum to give her the heads up I may need her to watch the girls for me while I go and get checked over. 
After speaking to the hospital the discomfort had become a lot more painful and took A LOT more focusing and breathing through and were only 2-3 minutes apart. 
Mum arrived and I got Andy to ring again because there was just no way I could stay at home any longer not knowing if this was even labour or not, Crazy huh 3rd baby and still I wasn't sure this was even it!
Andy rang my brother to ask if he would mind dropping us off to the hospital, he was on his way home from work and had a few errands to run but would be with us asap.
Doo's attempted to distract me with a game of snap but the pains were just to close together and more intense for me to follow, I told Andy I didn't think we had time to wait for my brother and we needed to find alternative arrangements.
So Andy knocked our neighbour to see if she would mind being our saviour and take me in while he followed on his bike, The poor woman had just got out the bath with a hair turban perfectly placed but would be with us as soon as she was dressed. 

I gave the girls a kiss goodbye and assured them I'll be home soon and said bye to my mum, Off we headed still not 100% this was actually it because why would it be, I still had a week to go until I was due! 

We arrived at the hospital, after ringing the buzzer for the wrong section we made it to where we needed to be. Seriously I know they have to ask these things but I'm doubled over in pain does it really look like I can answer your questions? but yes as soon as I can stand up right, I'll whip you up a fresh urine sample! 
Urine sample done I was taken to be checked over, introductions with the midwife that would be looking after us done, waiting out a 'braxton hicks' I really didn't think I'd be comfortable laying down until I climbed onto the bed OMG it was like laying on marshmallows, Observations done I was 4cm dilated and wouldn't be going anywhere. 
I'd set my heart on a water birth over on the birthing centre this time round but became anaemic in the last couple of weeks and taking folic acid I'd also been doing whatever else I could to get to a safe stage for delivering in water, My midwife took my bloods to check if I was able to head over to the birthing centre and have my water birth. 

In the end I was so comfy I didn't even make it into my nightie despite requesting Andy get it out of my bag once I knew I was staying put and it being above my head, I was to spaced out on gas and air AMAZING stuff that! 
Pressure building I tried my hardest not to let go entirely because I really needed to pass wind, here it comes again and I can't hold it que the ever so lady like wind passing (all glam this labour stuff) 
Which of course gave the midwife the heads up that I was getting pressure *face palm* 
Midwife advising I go with it if I have the urge to push unlike my previous labours when I was told not to (seriously if your a mother yourself you know there is no way in hell you can stop pushing because it isn't you!!)
Baffled because my waters hadn't gone yet like they already had when this time came around with the girls, She assured me to just push and they would go eventually, a couple of pushes and there went my waters with the famous pop I told Andy all about (he missed Daisies birth by 14 minutes after being there all day) 
So this was quite something for Andy to experience for the first time
A couple more pushes and our little lady followed....

Our beautiful little bundle had arrived
A perfect 5lb 12oz and BLONDE!
she was born before my blood results made it back to us, I was able to have my water birth but this little lady wasn't hanging around.

To this very day it amazes me we have a little Blondie, Now I'm a Blondie myself but through out my pregnancy I was sure she would be dark like Doo's, I even bought a certain outfit to go with her dark hair but here she is our little blonde and blue eyed little lady.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Dear teacher, 
I wonder if you know just what I'd give to spend the hours with my child that you do?
What I would give to not have to send them into school but to hold them tight all day instead?
That you get some of the best years of my babies? 
I wonder if you know why I hang around the door until I can't see her or know she is fully happy in her environment?
I know you see it every day, mums that can't seem to cut the 'apron strings' she's just another child to teach to you but that's my baby there, my baby that grows that little bit more before I get to see her again, that comes home with a new story to tell and so many new facts she learnt that day.

I wonder if you recognise the little look in my Daisie's eyes when everything's getting to much?
I wonder if you know that when she has that look  she needs to be away from the world or pulled into the tightest embrace you could possibly give her?
I wonder if you know the anxiety building up in her little tummy that even I can't take away or sooth?
I wonder if you know and cherish just how much Issy loves to have you as her teacher?
I wonder if you know my Issy and appreciate her little ways?
I wonder if you know just how much that little face you see among the sea of pupils you teach means to me?
I wonder if you know my little Daisie has her heart set on becoming a teacher too when she's older, An art teacher in a secondary school to be exact.

Dear teacher,
Thank you for having so much patience with my little person along with a sea of others as she finds her feet in a world that's oh so new to her, I know it can't be easy.
Thank you for teaching her so many new and wonderful facts.
Thank you for keeping my baby safe in the hours that you have her.
Thank you for making her days so full of joy that she's been known to be sad its the weekend and she has two days off.
Thank you for helping me shape such lovely little girls with all that you teach them.


Saturday, 3 March 2018


It's no secret I LOVE a bargain, who doesn't?
I'd been after some all white converse for myself for what felt like forever but could never justify spending that much on myself THEN I stumbled across the SCHUH imperfections range section on the website and managed to bag myself a pair for purse friendly £28!! 
*insert heart eye emoji*

I hear you, something had to be wrong with them? Imperfection says it all BUT they had the smallest mark on the inside of the right shoe at the very back (photo below) where I'm more than likely to make worse when I'm being lazy and using my other foot to hold the shoe while taking them off anyway.

Sounds risky doesn't it? buying from an imperfections section but SCHUH have you covered, a photo is included so you can see exactly whats wrong with the shoes you're buying, In my case I couldn't see any issues with the two purchases I've made in the photos listed and it's been the same when they arrived.
There is the odd pair that have some very obvious imperfections but I've been extremely lucky to find two pairs of shoes with barely noticeable imperfections, without a great deal of hunting. 

Issy was in desperate need of some new shoes so I returned to the trusty SCHUH website and checked out the 'Imperfections Range' and managed to bag her some Nike Roshe One's for an amazing £5.99!!!
It wasn't until the second time of having them out of the box to get a photo for Instagram that I even spotted any slight imperfections, I've tested people I've told about my bargain and asked them to find the imperfection on them and no one has until I've pointed them out. 
Now white shoes in any other case would be a hell no but for £5.99 the girl can go wild and I won't be left twitching in the corner about how she's destroyed a brand  named pair of trainers that cost me a fortune.

Could this actually get any better? Not only are there some great bargains to be had but you can also share a code with friends via email, Facebook, Instagram and the old fashioned way of telling them as part of their refer a friend scheme which gets you 15% off your next purchase and your friend 15% off their first purchase! 

*The 15% off can only be used on full priced items.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Issy turned 1O in January (How the fudge did that happen? I'm a mother to a TEN year old!!) and for the past year has said she would like a 'selfie party' this girl does loves a selfie!
What's better than a photo booth for a bit of photo fun?
What with making birthday celebrations a little more purse friendly her 'Selfie party' consisted of a chosen friend from school, pizza and a good old fashioned sleepover along with a trip to Gravity for the day, My house isn't quite big enough to actually hire a photo booth.
So while she was at school me and Andy put together a little home made photo booth complete with inflatable props and silly glasses. In total the 'booth' cost us a grand total of £22.18.
I purchased the inflatables, stars and Happy Birthday dangleys from eBay, the black back drop is just a black fitted sheet from Asda and the basket of glasses,pom poms and selfie emoji props on sticks are all from Poundland.

Things You'll Need

- Double/King size Sheet 
- Staple gun
- Props
- Chosen dangleys

You could easily create your own photo booth with a chosen theme eBay, Amazon,Party Pieces and those party shops randomly placed in some high streets are great for accessories for this kind of thing, I was hoping to get some wigs in too along with the other props but struggled to find some purse friendly ones considering they were very likely to end in the bin after months of moving them from place to place anyway but I know they're out there, I've seen them so they'll be something I'll be grabbing as I see them through out the year for any future photo booths we do. 

Tuesday, 2 January 2018


It's no secret every mother suffers with mum guilt, What I didn't know is that guilt grows with each child you have.
Have I paid enough attention to each of them? Do they all know just how much I love them? Do they know I have no favourites and love each of them equally? Do I expect to much from 'I' because she's the older one?
Something that doesn't help the mum guilt is the growth of just how much we use social media now days, every little thing we do is documented for the world to see.
I'm a huge Instagram lover, I love that little insight into peoples lives even if it does make me feel like I live like a pig because every flat surface in my house is piled with crap, I don't have crisp white walls and bedding with a succulent on my bed side, I have washing piles that could give Dot and her launderette a run for her money.
As they say comparison is the thief of joy....

I'm well aware much of my mum guilt are things I've come up with myself and am convinced that's also how the world see it.

A few examples...
- I feel the need to add a disclaimer to my photos of 'I' and her really highly worn leggings because that's how she likes them and not that they don't fit in fear that other's may think I favour my other two girls and don't bother with or buy clothes that fit.

- That the world is bound to think I favour either child because they appear in more photos than the other one, truth is 'I' is of an age were she will refuse to get in some photos like the one with Santa this year and Doo's spends majority or her time in her nick nocks and I won't post photos of her undressed on social media or there's a pile of crap in the background and I fear being judged.

- I haven't cuddled 'I' as much as I do the younger two, when in truth it's because shes older now and doesn't want to do the cuddly thing.

- Even down to the way I dealt with things differently between them all, when really it's because each of them have taught me and helped me grow as a mother.