Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Dear teacher, 
I wonder if you know just what I'd give to spend the hours with my child that you do?
What I would give to not have to send them into school but to hold them tight all day instead?
That you get some of the best years of my babies? 
I wonder if you know why I hang around the door until I can't see her or know she is fully happy in her environment?
I know you see it every day, mums that can't seem to cut the 'apron strings' she's just another child to teach to you but that's my baby there, my baby that grows that little bit more before I get to see her again, that comes home with a new story to tell and so many new facts she learnt that day.

I wonder if you recognise the little look in my Daisie's eyes when everything's getting to much?
I wonder if you know that when she has that look  she needs to be away from the world or pulled into the tightest embrace you could possibly give her?
I wonder if you know the anxiety building up in her little tummy that even I can't take away or sooth?
I wonder if you know and cherish just how much Issy loves to have you as her teacher?
I wonder if you know my Issy and appreciate her little ways?
I wonder if you know just how much that little face you see among the sea of pupils you teach means to me?
I wonder if you know my little Daisie has her heart set on becoming a teacher too when she's older, An art teacher in a secondary school to be exact.

Dear teacher,
Thank you for having so much patience with my little person along with a sea of others as she finds her feet in a world that's oh so new to her, I know it can't be easy.
Thank you for teaching her so many new and wonderful facts.
Thank you for keeping my baby safe in the hours that you have her.
Thank you for making her days so full of joy that she's been known to be sad its the weekend and she has two days off.
Thank you for helping me shape such lovely little girls with all that you teach them.



  1. Aww! This is beautiful. It made me tear up x

    1. Thank you!
      I did have a little cry myself when putting it together x