Monday, 12 March 2018


Well I totally failed at documenting my pregnancy here on my blog didn't I!
This post has been written up for months just sitting in my drafts section and with little L now being almost 8 months I think it's time I hit that publish button.

16th July 
With both girls being late I was so sure this little lady would be no different, I was even trying to book cinema tickets for me and the girls as one last little mummy and us date before there was three of them but there was no viewings available for that Friday (It was a sign.) With a week to go my bag was packed but I'd only just hit panic stations of where and what the girls would be doing when the time comes, So I began writing up a list and contacting those I trusted to have them and worked out who could do what times and what days depending on this little ladies plans.
With still a week to go I didn't stress a major amount so that list was left unfinished to contact more people and finalise in the week.

17th July
I woke up feeling odd but had done many times in the previous weeks so started to run myself a bath before heading into the girls room to get them up and ready for school. 
Daisie was distraught when it came to leaving for school and was stuck to me like glue she had to be peeled off me once she had finally calmed down, I'm 100% sure she knew something I didn't now! 
Discomfort came and went many times through out the day but nothing painful so I put it down to braxton hicks and got on with my day as normal, Andy was popping in and out the house all day running all kinds of Andy errands appearing every so often for reassurance that I was okay after spotting me swaying side to side to see the discomfort through.
Each time I assured him all was fine and to get on with his day while I ripped the girls bedroom apart before the school holidays began.

My discomfort started to become a bit more painful and needed a little more focusing to get through, So I decided to try and get some sleep while I had the chance to and downloaded a contraction timer so I can time just how long the discomfort was lasting. The girls returned home with Andy they came and told me all about their day and again I assured Andy I was fine and had started timing things but was still sure there was nothing to it. I was pretty sure they were coming every 10-20 minutes so really wasn't panicking in the slightest after a few pains with a 6 minute rest time between them and Andy popping in to check on me I decided it was time I rang the hospital just to get their opinion on things. 
As expected try a bath, have paracetamol and just see how I get on, I rang my mum to give her the heads up I may need her to watch the girls for me while I go and get checked over. 
After speaking to the hospital the discomfort had become a lot more painful and took A LOT more focusing and breathing through and were only 2-3 minutes apart. 
Mum arrived and I got Andy to ring again because there was just no way I could stay at home any longer not knowing if this was even labour or not, Crazy huh 3rd baby and still I wasn't sure this was even it!
Andy rang my brother to ask if he would mind dropping us off to the hospital, he was on his way home from work and had a few errands to run but would be with us asap.
Doo's attempted to distract me with a game of snap but the pains were just to close together and more intense for me to follow, I told Andy I didn't think we had time to wait for my brother and we needed to find alternative arrangements.
So Andy knocked our neighbour to see if she would mind being our saviour and take me in while he followed on his bike, The poor woman had just got out the bath with a hair turban perfectly placed but would be with us as soon as she was dressed. 

I gave the girls a kiss goodbye and assured them I'll be home soon and said bye to my mum, Off we headed still not 100% this was actually it because why would it be, I still had a week to go until I was due! 

We arrived at the hospital, after ringing the buzzer for the wrong section we made it to where we needed to be. Seriously I know they have to ask these things but I'm doubled over in pain does it really look like I can answer your questions? but yes as soon as I can stand up right, I'll whip you up a fresh urine sample! 
Urine sample done I was taken to be checked over, introductions with the midwife that would be looking after us done, waiting out a 'braxton hicks' I really didn't think I'd be comfortable laying down until I climbed onto the bed OMG it was like laying on marshmallows, Observations done I was 4cm dilated and wouldn't be going anywhere. 
I'd set my heart on a water birth over on the birthing centre this time round but became anaemic in the last couple of weeks and taking folic acid I'd also been doing whatever else I could to get to a safe stage for delivering in water, My midwife took my bloods to check if I was able to head over to the birthing centre and have my water birth. 

In the end I was so comfy I didn't even make it into my nightie despite requesting Andy get it out of my bag once I knew I was staying put and it being above my head, I was to spaced out on gas and air AMAZING stuff that! 
Pressure building I tried my hardest not to let go entirely because I really needed to pass wind, here it comes again and I can't hold it que the ever so lady like wind passing (all glam this labour stuff) 
Which of course gave the midwife the heads up that I was getting pressure *face palm* 
Midwife advising I go with it if I have the urge to push unlike my previous labours when I was told not to (seriously if your a mother yourself you know there is no way in hell you can stop pushing because it isn't you!!)
Baffled because my waters hadn't gone yet like they already had when this time came around with the girls, She assured me to just push and they would go eventually, a couple of pushes and there went my waters with the famous pop I told Andy all about (he missed Daisies birth by 14 minutes after being there all day) 
So this was quite something for Andy to experience for the first time
A couple more pushes and our little lady followed....

Our beautiful little bundle had arrived
A perfect 5lb 12oz and BLONDE!
she was born before my blood results made it back to us, I was able to have my water birth but this little lady wasn't hanging around.

To this very day it amazes me we have a little Blondie, Now I'm a Blondie myself but through out my pregnancy I was sure she would be dark like Doo's, I even bought a certain outfit to go with her dark hair but here she is our little blonde and blue eyed little lady.


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