Saturday, 3 March 2018


It's no secret I LOVE a bargain, who doesn't?
I'd been after some all white converse for myself for what felt like forever but could never justify spending that much on myself THEN I stumbled across the SCHUH imperfections range section on the website and managed to bag myself a pair for purse friendly £28!! 
*insert heart eye emoji*

I hear you, something had to be wrong with them? Imperfection says it all BUT they had the smallest mark on the inside of the right shoe at the very back (photo below) where I'm more than likely to make worse when I'm being lazy and using my other foot to hold the shoe while taking them off anyway.

Sounds risky doesn't it? buying from an imperfections section but SCHUH have you covered, a photo is included so you can see exactly whats wrong with the shoes you're buying, In my case I couldn't see any issues with the two purchases I've made in the photos listed and it's been the same when they arrived.
There is the odd pair that have some very obvious imperfections but I've been extremely lucky to find two pairs of shoes with barely noticeable imperfections, without a great deal of hunting. 

Issy was in desperate need of some new shoes so I returned to the trusty SCHUH website and checked out the 'Imperfections Range' and managed to bag her some Nike Roshe One's for an amazing £5.99!!!
It wasn't until the second time of having them out of the box to get a photo for Instagram that I even spotted any slight imperfections, I've tested people I've told about my bargain and asked them to find the imperfection on them and no one has until I've pointed them out. 
Now white shoes in any other case would be a hell no but for £5.99 the girl can go wild and I won't be left twitching in the corner about how she's destroyed a brand  named pair of trainers that cost me a fortune.

Could this actually get any better? Not only are there some great bargains to be had but you can also share a code with friends via email, Facebook, Instagram and the old fashioned way of telling them as part of their refer a friend scheme which gets you 15% off your next purchase and your friend 15% off their first purchase! 

*The 15% off can only be used on full priced items.


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